NPR News Now - NPR News: 11-11-2020 4AM ET

NPR News: 11-11-2020 4AM ET

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My from NPR news on Shea Stephens Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is rejecting the election result and dismisses any notion that President Trump's unsubstantiated claims of election fraud could hurt you as credibility president-elect. Joe Biden is downplaying Trump's refusal to come see you because his election claims and embarrassment former National Security adviser. HR McMaster says, the president is harming the nation by refusing to concede NPR's Eleanor Beardsley has more on McMasters remarks to a news channel in Paris. HR McMaster says, he always had confidence in the process, but he said President Trump should be doing the opposite of what he's doing build confidence in our Democratic principles and institutions to France 24 from Stanford University where he's now a senior fellow at the Hoover institution McMasters.

Trump is compromising principal to score partisan political points, but it's Russian President Vladimir Putin who's smiling right across the seas end in the prison United States should not be one to help him do that Eleanor Beardsley NPR news Paris Democrats hopes of winning a seat and Alaska have dimmed Alaska public media was Andrew kitchenman as details in counting absentee ballots that process begin Tuesday Democratic nominee for US Senate Al gross gain ground against Republican. Senator Dan Sullivan in the latest count, but not at the pace gross will need to overcome Sullivan's more than 50,000 vote lead Republican US Representative Don young continues to hold a large lead over his Challenger Alyse Galvin who like gross is an independent nominated by the Democrats and President Donald Trump.

Maintained his lead over Joe Biden in Alaska for NPR news. I mean Andrew kitchen man in Juneau for the third time. He was Supreme Court is winning arguments over the Affordable Care Act opponents of the law won it struck down while supporters insist it be left alone. Trump appointees were not on the cord when it last considered Obamacare and NPR's Carrie Johnson reports that two of them are expressing doubts about getting rid of it Brett Kavanaugh in some cases last term talked about his preference were severing the bad parts of the law from the good parts rather than what he called the wholesale destruction chance for Amy, Coney Barrett. She talked about the doctrine of severability at her confirmation hearing last month. She suggested under questioning from Republican. She might endorse that theory that even if part of the law goes down the rest of the law can be saved if it gets that far Carrie Johnson reporting. This is NPR news.

Bowling is not booked in order for new plane into Mountain deliveries are still declining due to the pandemic orders for 12 new 737 Max Jets or canceled in October those planes were grounded in March 2019 following the second of two fatal crashes. According to Johns Hopkins confirm coronavirus infections around the world. Now total roughly fifty one and a half million with death approaching 1.3 million. The u.s. Is the hardest hit but NPR's Giles Snyder reports that the cases are rising elsewhere infections have been reported in more than two hundred country since the first cases were identified in China One of the latest join that list has been you ought to the Pacific island nation have been one of the few virus free countries, but Health officials are now reporting venule to his first case in Europe hospital beds are filling up again as winter approaches and infections surge, but Asia is taking steps to revive the Region's economy Hong Kong and Singapore if laid out plans to create a true

Apple bubble to encourage tourism and Australia is considering opening its borders to Asian countries including parts of China prime minister Scott Morrison ruled out travelers from Europe in the United States. However, wild Snyder NPR news of coral reefs in US Waters is Raising concern that human activity and climate change are eating their decline researchers find that the overall condition of briefs in the US is fair but vulnerable a report by Noah and the University of Maryland indicates that the most damage reefs are in waters off heavily populated, Florida. This is NPR news.

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