NPR News Now - NPR News: 11-11-2020 7PM ET

NPR News: 11-11-2020 7PM ET

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Live from NPR news. I'm Jack Speer a growing number of Republicans are expressing frustration over President Trump's refusal to concede the election to Joe Biden and yours Wonder Johnson reports the Trump campaign continues to claim without evidence the Democrats stole the election voter irregularities are pending in numerous states that Trump lost including Pennsylvania the state that push Biden over the top in the number of electoral votes. He needed to win speaking on CNN Republican Philadelphia City Commissioner. Al Schmid said, he's seen no evidence of fraud mindful that there are Bad actors.

You are lying to them they need to turn to people that they trust and not nonsense included in lawsuit Pennsylvania from certifying its election results due to the use of mail-in ballots State Democrats and some Republicans called a suit meritless Windsor Johnston NPR news. Go taking that states three electoral votes to bring his total to 217 over it is mostly mood at this point given the Joe Biden currently has 290 electoral votes won't be on the 270 needed to win the presidency Republicans won one more seat in the Senate today control. The chamber won't be decided to the next year though to runoff races in Georgia will determine that as the pandemic continues to reach new infection hives around the country intensive care units in Tulsa Oklahoma or at or near full capacity for the station k w g s has more

Tecopa, sir. Just hit close to home for Tulsa mayor GT Bynum who says multiple city employees sick with covid-19 have been turned away from area hospitals. Your respiratory function has to be in danger of less than that. Discomfort Agony. You have to go home and treat it yourself. The mayor says the majority of hospital patients are from outside of Tulsa, which has a Citywide mask mandate he has for weeks as Governor Kevin Stitt a fellow Republican to Institute a Statewide mask order. The governor is found. He will not even consider one on Wednesday Oklahoma reported a record number of coronavirus hospitalization and active infections for NPR news on Chris Polansky and Tulsa State Minnesota. Governor says the bright run a virus Minnesota Governor Tim Walt singling out South Dakota Republican Kristi noem saying, well not blaming neighboring states and tally for the rise in the state. He pointed to events like this past summer.

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota when she called absolutely unnecessary stocks closed mostly higher though. The big games were in the tech sector of the Dow is down 23 points day. The NASDAQ was up 232 points. You're listening to NPR.

Almost nothing about the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade will look the same this year due to the coronavirus but there will be some familiar elements including numbers from Broadway musicals. Jeff London has more there will be no crowds along the short and Parade route. The helium balloons will be moved by utility vehicles rather than human handlers, but the broadcast will feature numbers from for Broadway shows Hamilton Jagged Little Pill Mean Girls and ain't too proud The Life and Times of The Temptations.

The numbers for that show have been recording a graph to provide social distancing for the performers. All four segments will be filmed under strict Health protocols and aired on NBC Thanksgiving morning for NPR news on Jeff London in New York is asking for courts to intervene under Trump Administration order tick tocks Chinese owner bytedance had as until tomorrow to sell off at us operations executive order put forth by the president in August 12th and September 10th of Dibley signed off a proposal from the company that will play stick talk under the oversight of us companies Oracle and Walmart The Tick Tock says it has received no Clarity from the US government about what is that proposal has been accepted crude oil Futures prices closed modestly higher today oil up $0.09 a barrel to 4145 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange, NJ

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