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NPR News: 11-15-2020 2AM ET

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Live from NPR news. I'm Nora raum Iota strengthen into a hurricane early Sunday in the Caribbean. It's the 13th hurricane of this of yours is very active Atlanta season. I always expected to bring Heavy Rain dangerous wind and Storm surges to Nicaragua and Honduras which were recently hit by Hurricane Ada at least 120 people died more Grim records are being said in the US coronavirus pandemic about 184,000 new cases were confirmed on Friday alone. More patients are hospitalized than ever before will Stone reports cases have gone up about 80% Nationwide since the beginning of the month and in quite a few States cases have doubled in recent weeks hospitals are already in crisis and safely Utah, Missouri and Wisconsin. The spike has led some States among them, New Mexico, Oregon New York and Minnesota to put in place new restrictions on businesses and Gatherings will Stoneridge

demonstrators descended on downtown Washington Saturday in a show of support for President Trump Debbie Truong from Member station WAMU reports

Thousands of people from across the country March down Constitution Avenue to the Supreme Court, they chanted four more years and it's about the presidential election results. Randy Barrett showed up to the march in a make America. Great again hat like most of the demonstrators. He did not wear a face mask of all walks of life no matter whether they're black Spanish gay white. It doesn't matter. Everybody is here for Donald Trump right-wing figures and extremist groups including the proud boys were part of the demonstrations for NPR news on Debbie Truong in Washington conservative are flocking to the social media app parlor back by conservative donor Rebekah Mercer. They're complaining of censorship by Facebook and Twitter and Tiaras Shannon Vaughn reports billionaire hedge fund investor Robert Mercer back Donald Trump, Steve Bannon and Breitbart News Now Rebekah Mercer has revealed. She is one of the founding investors of parlor in a post on The Social Network Mercer says she want

Create a place for free speech online parlor was founded in 2018, but interest has been surging since the election and now has 10 million members more than double a week ago, but it's still tiny compared to the hundreds of millions of people on Twitter and Facebook billion high-profile conservatives are urging their followers to join them on parlor which puts few restrictions on what users can post social media experts say that is allowing misinformation to thrive Shannon bonds NPR news a federal judge in New York has invalidated the Trump Administration suspension of DACA the program that protects undocumented people from deportation or brought to the US as children the judge ruled the acting director of Homeland Security as soon as job unlawfully, so his order is invalid. This is NPR news.

Actress and singer Lynn Kellogg died of covid-19 in St. Louis this week at the age of 77 just London reports the Appleton Wisconsin native appeared on television in the edge of night in Mission Impossible and toward Vietnam entertaining the troops with singer Gordon Lightfoot, but it was her role as Sheila in the 1968 tribal love-rock musical hair that cemented Kellogg's reputation playing a debutante turned hippie. She introduced several songs including easy to be hard.

How can people link Kellogg performed on and wrote for the Emmy and Peabody award-winning children's television show animals animals animals and worked in Christian programming. She survived by her husband John simpers for NPR news on Jeff London in New York 15 age of Pacific countries agreed Sunday to set up the world's largest free-trade block. It was signed virtually on the sidelines of the annual Summit of Southeast Asian Nations. The deal was promoted by China and will reduce or eliminate some tariffs within the group The u.s. Is not taking part a fire swept through a hospital in northeastern Romania Saturday official say at least 10 people were killed and at least seven others were critically injured The Blaze began in the Intensive Care Ward work covid-19 patients for being traded. The fire was the deadliest Romania since 2015 when a nightclub burned down in Bucharest.

Killing 64 people. I'm Nora raum NPR news.
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