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NPR News: 11-16-2020 3AM ET

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live from NPR news. I'm Nora raum under the workers in Georgia spent the weekend counting only 5 million ballots from this month's presidential election by hand as a meal Moffett of member station WABE reports only fourteen thousand votes separate president-elect Joe Biden and President Trump the Georgia Secretary of State ordered an audit of the race, which kicked off a hand recount States largest counties rented out exhibit Halls. So workers could spread out as they went about telling hundreds of thousands of ballots by hand vote in the state's biggest County completed. It's kind of more than $520,000 on Sunday afternoon. The state is set to certify a winner by Friday. I mean on my side of member station WABE are chasing the International Space Station after their spacecraft off last night from Kennedy Space Center in Florida for member station. Wmfe, Brendan Byrne reports crew of three NASA astronauts and one Japanese Jack's ass

Not hitched a ride into orbit on SpaceX crew Dragon capsule is only the second time SpaceX has flown astronauts and the first operational mission for the company under a partnership with NASA to fly astronauts to the station admission earlier this year served as a test flight proving the NASA space Nexus system is safe This Crew will dock with the ISS tonight after a nearly 20 an hour trip. It's been 6 months onboard the orbiting lab. The crew Dragon will join three other crew members on the station for NPR news. I'm Brendan Byrne at the Kennedy Space Center firefighters in the west are finally getting some reprieve remember station kunc Carly huckle's reports containment and suppression levels are up in Colorado is a record-breaking wildfires in fire are reporting no growth. Thanks to recent snow in containment lines that have held the Flames back as strong when threatened to push the fire toward the new fuels the fire is 60% contained Terry LeBeau is the incident meteorology.

Are these Troublesome fire? He's optimistic about suppression operations. There will be some small Logs with the snow is really going to keep that check. The blazes have impacted 30,000 acres in Rocky Mountain National Park while some areas within the park remain closed because of the camera Peak and he's Troublesome fires Park officials. See the Flames are not projected to move any further into Estes Valley NPR news on Carly huckle's in Loveland, Colorado. Hurricane Iota is getting stronger as it heads toward Central America a region still recovering from Hurricane, ain't it earlier this month? It's not a category 3 hurricane, but expected to strengthen it a category 4 forecast for his predict Iota will approach the coast of Nicaragua and Honduras tonight and projects that they look at will bring potentially catastrophic win, a life-threatening storm surge and extreme rainfall to Central America. This is NPR news.

Coronavirus cases in the US continue to Surge with daily infections up by more than 80% since the beginning of the month several states are imposing new restrictions. The governor of New Mexico has implemented a stay-at-home border, Oregon and Washington. I've ordered partial lockdown, but Navajo Nation in Arizona, Utah and New Mexico is once again taking drastic measures to control the spread of the virus remember station. Kjzz Scott Fork reports as the virus spreads uncontrollably and dozens of communities on the reservation Navajo Nation president. Jonathan Nez issued a statement arguing that with more than 900 new cases in the last week. They are quotes inching closer and closer to a major Public Health crisis in which we could potentially see our hospitals filling up with patients.

Individuals can only leave their houses for essential trips essential businesses must close by 3 p.m. And all schools are required to switch to remote learning the order remains in effect until at least December 6th for NPR news on Scott Burke in Phoenix yesterday in challenging the election results in Pennsylvania. They dropped their main complaint that officials kept out observers when processing hundreds of thousands of ballots. The new claim is limited to a much smaller number of valence saying democratic-leaning counties allowed voters to fix problems. The fossa tissue are far fewer than the lead Joe Biden has an estate. I'm Nora raum NPR news.
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