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NPR News: 11-16-2020 10PM ET

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Live from NPR news. I'm Jack Speer President. Joe. Biden is pledging to hit the ground running to get the coronavirus pandemic under control and bears Windsor Johnson reports in a speech today by not mind a proposal designed to give nation's economy a boost while working to build it back better transition team is working to create a national strategy to combat the pandemic one that includes a distribution plan for a coronavirus vaccine speaking in Wilmington. Delaware. Biden said the Trump administration's refusal to cooperate in the transition process could delay those efforts be done now in wide mask mandate with business and union leaders. He also pledged to create a more Equitable tax structure and boost the name.

Minimum wage to $15 per hour winds are Johnston NPR news hospitalizations and deaths California. Governor Gavin Newsom announcing J. He's pulling the emergency brake on the state's efforts to reopen its economy is case levels rise their new measures announced will impose restrictions on businesses across the state. So he's like Philadelphia Chicago also employed residents to stay home and keep their distance of The Weeknd a record-breaking 70,000 people are hospitalized with Dash want to get more than 1,100 a day. That's up from early October now only has it been a record year for Atlantic hurricanes, but the latest storm to form there a setting a record of its own hurricane Iota Category 5 storm very near the end of the hurricane season is moved ashore with 160 mile per hour winds forecast call for Iota to move through Northeastern Nicaragua overnight governments from Panama.

Guatemala rushing to move people away from Hillside volcanoes and bodies of water on Wall Street stocks finished sharply higher again today news about potential second. Coronavirus vaccine NPR's gyms. Rollie reports stocks were High pretty much across-the-board for much of the day after moderna announced that a vaccine. It's developing was 95% effective at protecting people against the coronavirus all the major stock indexes were up, especially the Dow which finished 1.6% higher the Dow is now within Striking Distance of hitting thirty thousand for the first time stocks that have been hurt by the pandemic such as Airlines and energy companies were higher investors were also responding to comments over the weekend from advisors to President. Elect, Joe Biden who said no Nationwide lockdowns are being contemplated Jim. Zarroli NPR news, you're listening to NPR.

The trade Association representing the nation's gaming industry says u.s. Casinos are starting to recover from months of closures put in place to slow. The spread of the coronavirus group says America's casinos have regained 81% of gambling revenues. They saw during the third quarter of last year for that still in complete recoveries threatened in some places by Optix a new coronavirus infections in Michigan that States governor has ordered casinos to close for 3 weeks last week Atlantic City, New Jersey. Stop Casino cut workers hours and laid off others in response to new restrictions in that state.

Tesla is calling we're thinking about recalling some of its Vehicles because of problems with its screens more from NPR's again, and also is going to be joining the S&P 500 more from NPR's Camila domonoske the S&P 500 offers a sort of snapshot of the stock market by spotlighting the performance of you guessed it 500 companies carefully selected from the biggest US corporations. This is a big symbolic step for a company whose growth has been controversial some prominent analysts have said Tesla stock was overvalued only to watch it keeps touring but it's not just symbolic mini investment funds track the index. So a whole bunch of people will suddenly own a tiny slice of Tesla in their retirement accounts. Tesla will be added to the index in December based on current figures. It would be one of the 10 most valuable companies in the S&P 500 Camila domonoske NPR news at 4134 Barrel in New York. I'm Jack Speer.

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