The Decrypt Daily: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News Podcast - Nov 16: Catherine Coley, Sergey Gorbunov, Senator Cynthia Lummis

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From the Crypt. Co this is it a Crip daily in my name is Matthew Aaron today in the show Catherine Coley. CEO of binance that us comes on the show to give us some updates co-founder and CEO of Alex are Sergei Romanov comes out and tells us about the reason fundraise and a US senator is saying Bitcoin is a good store value. This is all coming up today on the decrypt a lie.

What's up, everybody? Welcome to the show. Today is Monday November 16th 2020. I think last week. I told everybody that I wasn't watching or paying attention to or listening to my normal News podcast everyday for almost I think as far back as I can remember years I've listen to news every morning for about an hour or two and I just love listening to news. I just love it and you know what? I think it was just too much this election cycle this presidential election. Just got to me and by the end of it by November 3rd. I was just like I'd I need an ad enough. I need to chill for a little bit and for the past two weeks. I haven't listened to anything and I feel great. I mean, yeah, I don't know what's going on with the presidential election. I don't know about Trump contesting and and the lawsuits. I don't even know about cobit but I am out loud happy you're in a lot more focused on what really matters Bitcoin. This is where the news is I don't care about anything else that's happening. All I know is I saw a $16,000 Bitcoin and also we're very

Bakery closest $17,000 and I just want to get into those prices. I want to see what's going on. So please here comes the money and I'm recording this at 2:15 Eastern Standard Time. Bitcoin is sitting at $16,684 up 3% from last Friday at 3 a.m. For 6055 down 2% Litecoin. 71-53 up almost 10% Woo.

Chain link 1270 down 1.7% Xrp what's going on with xrp everyone 28.5% up almost 8% from last Friday. This is I think we need another Hallelujah.

The stable coin is not so stable anymore. Is it?

Total market cap for all cryptocurrency is 474 billion dollars with a BTC dominance of 65.2% and for some trivia for you big Queen hits of highest close highest 3 week lows ever even 2017. Yes. We got up to $20,000 Bitcoin, but we never had Bitcoin consistently close above $15,800 more times. Then it just did three weeks bam bam, bam, bam bam. I mean when it hit 20000 it was just a big green dodo straight up into 20000 but the we closed at 13,500. So this is unprecedented in this is showing that bitcoin's value people are value in Bitcoin companies are value of Bitcoin. The economies are value of Bitcoin. Something is happening here and we are watching happened in history in the making y'all hold on to your seats and whoever's recording this history, make sure you're writing a good and make sure you


Binance u.s. Is now in 41 States latest 8, North Carolina and here to talk about is Catherine Cola CEO of binance. Us Catherine. How you doing? Welcome back to the show. I'm doing fabulous today. How are you? I'm actually it was really fabulous North Carolina. Tell me about it North Carolina or years of college and university of North Carolina Chapel Hill, but there's so many amazing Schools. They're not to mention people and they rightfully deserve a spot to be able to on board at binance us or so pumped. What does it mean? I'm bored and buying a suit that us what state you're in right. Now. How many how many and why is North Carolina taking so long? What was it? What was obstacles Estates available North Carolina being our 41st? We also added Georgia, Alabama and Florida most recently and these processes are really in-depth take a lot of time and no no mention that I covid.

Deer out a lot of people that had to work from home all of a sudden. So I really give credit to our state Regulators have been fighting the good fight helping more companies like ours be able to enter new States and bring the goodness of Finance UF North Carolinians. My nickname dropping a little bit who are some of those Regulators that act other really helping binance iOS application process be similarly go through them just afraid of the name like New York DFS in the fit license. So those are some of the groups that are helping us along the way get licensed in each state before really excited about the take time to appreciate the patience of those waiting. So what why are they helping? What do you think? The benefit is for each state before Wednesday's already and if you're getting back in by all of the state legislators till, you know, get binance and crypto into their state. What do you think their motivation is? A lot of it comes from the heart and brain also great talent into these companies. So for us to be able to expand our jobs and offering

Does any should be States is really great and a lot of part of those that are coming to work with us. We really appreciate people annoy her platform be able to go in and out of it understand how it works in order to secure a seat on our team. So it's really helpful Estates. North Carolina is great. But I think there's new app development come out. Absolutely. So we've launched a beta of our new app going to be coming out without app 2.0 and we launched our first stop in January of 2020, but we're going to give it a full facelift and we really want folks to be able to have their input and tell us what we can do to improve the app make the experience better make buying crypto easier for people as well as access to charts and information they need in order to use to access be better in the abdomen is can you give us some hints of what we can get CNN in 2.0 a little bit more streamlined. So before I was a little bit busy and you had to kind of figure out what you wanted to do, even though the buy and sell crypto

Homepage not a lot of people saw them so or reworking the ways that people can interact and I'll swell see exactly what you want. When you're interacting with an app involved in your digital assets sign up and figure it out. Where was eager for your feedback. Again, that's really how we improve is building something that you all really want one hundred percent the future of biased IUS. What else we have coming up here as soon as we can look forward to yeah. We just also opened up send so if that's the Silver Gate exchange Network and that's really catered your institutional clients that are looking to move dollars in and out of exchanges pretty quickly. So it's 24/7 free instant transfers $4 on the silvergate exchange Network for super excited for that and that's definitely help boost our liquidity on a platform which helped ourselves be able to trade. You know, I called yesterday on Twitter that you commented that I put a pillow.

Noby Noby, Noby but I but I am I am actually kind of embarrassed because I put a poll on they had for male CEOs in the crypto space and somebody commented and said Catherine Coley bet when the best CEOs in the crypto space is not on the list and I made me feel embarrassed that I didn't have one woman on the list. I want your opinion best women CEOs in the crypto Space videos like the rest of them. So I know whether the order didn't have enough room for us. There's great folks like Caitlin Long and myself on building out new projects in the space and I'm really eager at 6 make sure that we're treated is equally as possible, but it's even more exciting but there's more than for CEOs and crypto now, so just remember that there's a there's a growing amount of leaders coming into the space is super exciting for me. So again, no beef and there's plenty of poles out there in a eighth grade engagement to see on Twitter and and certainly a shout out to

We're here are heatherdown and we're so excited to build alongside the rest of them CEO of binance. Us. Thank you for coming on the show and hanging out and tell us about all the innovations that you guys are making in the hard work you're doing and I I can't wait to see those other nice a pop-up. I can't either it's going to be great. Thanks so much guys.

More and more Tech CEOs are saying that they're getting into Bitcoin trimming and co-founder of intercom. Owen. McCabe said he has firmly jumped into Bitcoin after years of dabbling with it and Skype co-founder keeps most of his personal wealth in Bitcoin. And ethereum. Now, this is just becoming more and more synonymous with tech with leaders in the financial space where they are now putting their money into Bitcoin their institutions money their personal money, and this is not stopping. So now I think I might break but a my golden rules of saying why bitcoin price is what it is. I think it does have something to do with all of these leading Tech professionals and entrepreneurs getting into Bitcoin go to my confidence for sure.

Next up we have CEO and co-founder of accelerator Sergey gorbunov talking about interoperability and what he's going to do with 3.75 million dollars.

Thanks for having me. Absolutely. Look you guys just had her fundraise finances involve some big money first. I want to know what your company's all about invent tell me about this money yasso seller is a decentralized interoperability Fabrics that provides the network protocols tools and apis that allows simple and scalable cross chain Communications. And so at the core of it's what we're doing is a building a decentralized network in a protocol stack that connects multiple autonomous blockchain ecosystems that speak different languages have their own consensus rules or their own customs more contracts. And so as a result will make it very simple for application Builders to interact on connect with different blockchain ecosystems and assets and applications on the back hands one way to think about it. Is that a application Level protocol is a similar to protocols like HTTP or https that make it very simple for you to an application spoon track with background applications that hosted anywhere on the internet.

You guys raised around 3.7 $5000000. What's the money being to use for it? How do you raise it up north island Ventures Anza most of the funds will be used to scale the team in order to accelerate a roadmap to get a network out there as quickly as possible. And when the network network is complete and you have this interoperability. What what do you feel that it's going to do for the space and Ford apps and just everybody who's building right now in this industry by default when they're build their stuck to the Rhino users and assets that are native to that platform. And so what Excel will provide is very easy and frictionless wait for the applications or users to interact with assets in applications across the entire at the system will do this. So is this something that is operating right now or something that is just a dream.

And we're working with a few cir Partners to bring them and join to become a part of this interoperability Fabric in about like Finance chain to say a theory of are we talking about like the the whole kit and caboodle of you know cardano to EOS to finance to zilliqa to everybody just can be connected exactly what everybody and so the basic idea is that you have you know, blockchain hubs like a cosmos polka dots for Donna and we want to make sure that they're all connected so that when the user interacts with an application, they can fix mostly use assets across the entire ecosystems or using applications us across the entire ecosystem. It would have taken it before the speed of the net worth of Ben. Is it going to slow things down is still going to be as fast as it needs to be or is that going to kind of hinder it is going to be a little bit of latency.

Byzantine consensus protocol and these are do they have been scaled to process of thousands of transactions per second and process request very quickly and we certainly have with the right team with expertise above consensus and distributed systems to make a scalable wonderful co-founder and CEO. Thank you very much for coming on the show Wyoming Cynthia Lumen went on Good Morning America ABC News to talk about Bitcoin. Now, this is bringing Bitcoin into the national conversation good thing or bad thing. We will have to have history and time tell but it is definitely on everybody's radar at this moment. Let's hear what she had to say and relax until you got another first under your belt this one a very interesting. You're the first Senator to own Bitcoin. I'm going to be fully transparent here and say I'm not well-versed in Bitcoin, but I know that

A couple people who believe yes, you should be an advocate for this type of currency in and there are other people who are raising some concern that this could be a a front for money laundering or for some sort of tax evasion. Where do you stand? Where do you hope to bring Bitcoin into the national conversation? I do hope to bring Bitcoin into the national conversation. I'm a former State Treasurer and I invested our state's Permanent Fund. So I was always looking for a good store of value and Bitcoin fits that bill our own currency. He inflates a Bitcoin does not it's 21 million Bitcoin will be mined and that's it. It is a finite Supply. So I have confidence that this is going to be an important player in stores of value for a long time to come quite remarkable. I think everybody

Call their representatives and senators and state representatives and senators and say have you guys looked at blockchain technology? Look, I don't want you to push a Bitcoin hassling down their throat. I want you to say really look into it for voting for identity for whatever your black shame passion might be 90, call him because apparently because apparently people Senators elected officials are talking about it. And now it's our time to shape that conversation.

Thank you for listening to this episode of the decrypt daily. I have some housekeeping really quick. I've always been giving me the wrong email address. I thought was Matthew at the Crypt. Co no, no is Matthew Aaron at the crib. See also if anybody's ever sent me an email. I want to say my bad my bad Matthew Aaron at the crib or Matthew Aaron at the crypto Ico.

Yes. Yes. I feel a little bit dumb. I do I do but I'm not going to take full responsibility for this. They should have gave me Matthew at the crib. No, they didn't give me Matthew Aaron and Matthew Aaron at the crib for Matthew Aaron at the crib. Co send me an email if you were one of the people that won that contest in. No because nobody emailed me, please send it to the right email. That was my bad and happy holiday. Everybody else you tomorrow.
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