NPR News Now - NPR News: 11-18-2020 2AM ET

NPR News: 11-18-2020 2AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Shea Stephens President Trump has fired the nation's top election security official bio Twitter for contradicting his claims of election fraud Christopher Krebs declare the 2020 election the most secure in US history and a short we print said he's honored to have served at the Department of Homeland Security South Carolina, Senator, Lindsey Graham is denying ever suggesting that some ballots in Georgia be thrown out Georgia Secretary of State Brad raffensperger tells NPR that he resisted grams pressure to project valid absentee ballots from counties with high rates of signature errors. I think that Integrity still matters the people are reaching out that they appreciate that I'm standing on the principle of one-person one-vote Integrity matters. Are they disappointed themselves? Yes. I'm going to be disappointed if we are Conservative Republican, but we move on an addition to a hand recount of presidential votes.

Georgia will hold to runoffs in January that will decide which party controls the US Senate Michigan's largest county which includes Detroit as reverse course by unanimously certifying presidential election results showing book Joe Biden as the winner Republicans on the Wayne County Board of canvassers had blocked former approval of the results by time the vote along party lines Democrats and election experts condemn the move as a dangerous attempt to overthrow the will of Voters in this transition to the White House continues by met virtually with intelligence defense and diplomatic expert Tuesday, but none are affiliated with the current government vice president. Elect, Kamala Harris received a more formal breathing, but she and other members of the Senate intelligence committee or not privy to information on specific threats to the nation.

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley has tested positive for Coronavirus is NPR is Claudia grisales reports Bradley is one of the oldest members of Congress and third in line of succession to the presidency Grassley earlier on Tuesday said he had been exposed to the coronavirus and would quarantine the move forced him to miss his first vote in 27 years Grassley learn later Tuesday that he had indeed tested positive for the virus. He joins three other members of Congress Who currently have the infection including the oldest Alaska Republican representative Don young in all at least six members of Congress are currently quarantined Grassley said, he wasn't experiencing any symptoms and was feeling quote good. He also shared his appreciation for well wishes and prayers and said he keep up his work plans from home Claudia Gonzalez NPR News, Washington or lower the little change from Tuesday's Trading.

Asian markets are mostly higher but down 1% in Tokyo. This is NPR news.

More jurisdictions. Are we in posing restrictions on a surgeon new coronavirus infection in Ohio Governor. Mike dewine has announced a three-week curfew for retailers taking effect on Thursday Maryland's governor. Larry Hogan is limiting operating hours and capacity for businesses beginning Friday evening, Los Angeles county is imposing a 10 p.m. Curfew and capacity limits on businesses. I'm in a surgeon coronavirus infections. Also starting Friday County officials say that a three-week lockdown is also possible it daily covid-19 infections and hospitalizations their reach a certain level. What's left of Hurricane Iota has been downgraded to a tropical storm is Maria Martin reports iota's powerful winds and heavy rains that caused widespread destruction in parts of Colombia in Central America Colombian tourist. City of Cartagena is reportedly 70% underwater in Honduras. The government has ordered highways closed in the wake of heavy rains and winds after iota

I'd like for Monday in Guatemala and Nicaragua the evacuation of people from Riverside communities has been Complicated by a reluctance buy some to enter shelters for fear of Contracting the coronavirus and as heavy rains continued. What amount of President Alejandra show. My day has come under Fire by some indigenous leaders for not taking sufficient action in helping. My community said we're hardest hit by the previous hurricane Etta many of these communities are still under water and in need of assistance is NPR news.

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