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NPR News: 11-18-2020 7PM ET

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Live from NPR news. I'm Jack Speer. The nation has crossed yet. Another Grim milestone in the battle against the coronavirus more than 250,000 people live now die from covid-19 into you wash. That's according to Johns Hopkins University. NPR's. Rob Stein is more than you with that told me it's cold as hell killed about five times as many people in the United States as US troops were killed in 11 years of combat during the Vietnam war. Dr. Monica. Gandhi is an infectious disease doctor at the University of California San Francisco. It's a really somber day to reach the 250,000 Mark if I think it's a very tragic and Songbird a doctor's like gone to your pleading for Americans to wear masks and take other precautions to try to slow the spread of the virus, which is now spiraling out of control across the country Rob Stein NPR news number of coronavirus cases a group of Florida. Mayors are asking about State's governor for

NPR is Greg Allen reports. The mayor's are asking Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis to impose a Statewide face mask covering mandate as in the rest of the country covid-19 cases are rising in Florida to encourage reopening of the economy Governor DeSantis lifted all Statewide coronavirus restrictions on businesses in September and prohibited cities and counties from enforcing local face mask mandates, Miami Beach mayor. Dan gelber is one of several Mayors asking the governor to reconsider that policy and positive are surely going to be back in a few weeks. The mayor's are asking the governor to require face covering Statewide to allow them to enforce the cdc's social distancing guidelines at restaurants and Retail establishments. I got one in PR news, Miami ministration faces opposition in Congress will major arms deal with the United Arab Emirates the deal follows. The uae's decision to normalize ties with Israel as NPR's Michelle Comics play.

Three Senators Democrats Bob Menendez and Chris Murphy along with Republican Rand Paul are introducing resolutions of disapproval. They accuse the Trump administration of seeking to rush the say it was more than 23 billion dollars in F-35 fighter aircraft Reaper drones and Munitions to the UAE without the proper input from Congress the state department formally notified Congress last week of the proposed sale, Senator Murphy says while he supports the normalization of relations between Israel in the UAE, nothing in that agreement. He says requires the US to flood the region with more weapons, Michele. Kelemen NPR News Washington stock market sector stocks the Dow fell 344 points and I was back was down 97 points The Standard & Poor's 500 close down 41 points today. You're listening to NPR.

State officials in Georgia are staring down at 11:59 p.m. Deadline tonight for finishing up a hand tally of votes in the presidential race recount of nearly 5 million votes Deming from an audit required by state law was not in response any suspected problems with results themselves that he law requires that it be done before the results can be certified ahead of a Friday deadline one of the artist most responsible for the unique sound of Michael Jackson's Thriller album is died. Bruce swedien was 86 years old when he died Monday if there's an Estancia San Lucas reports, he helped shape recordings by everyone from Count Basie to Barbra Streisand's Bruce swedien is best known for recording mixing and assisting in producing Thriller one of the best selling albums of all time.

Between have a long career before that. And after when he was only Twenty-One, he was recording the Chicago Symphony Orchestra pop hits came in 1962 with Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons Big Girls Don't Cry his work with Michael Jackson and producer Quincy Jones never has him three Grammys tribute to him Jones called his close friend Sonic genius on a says. It's hocus. NPR news New York saying store shelves are being laid bare Walmart at a time in trouble keeping up with demand for cleaning supplies Supermarket chains Kroger and Publix both are living how much toilet paper and paper towel Shoppers can buy this is NPR.
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