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NPR News: 07-23-2020 5AM ET

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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Dave Mattingly the mayor of Portland Oregon was among those teargas last night as demonstrators said a large fire near the federal courthouse building mayor Ted wheeler a Democrat says it was the first time he'd experienced the Aerotek federal law enforcement fire tear gas and stun grenades at protesters as the fire burned demonstrations against police brutality and racism have been occurring nightly in Portland for almost two months. Oregon's attorney general is urging a judge to issue a restraining order against the agent regarding Federal proper. President. Trump says, he plans to send federal law enforcement agents to two more cities experiencing spikes and violent crime Chicago and Albuquerque, New Mexico. They will include Agents from the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security Jody fortino with member station kcur says the initiative began in Kansas City.

City boy shot and killed earlier this year 200 federal agents are set to be sent to Kansas City local leaders are concerned that could raise tensions between the community and police mayor Quinton Lucas two-piece Trump's contention that the city spike in crime is linked to recent protests us Attorney General William Barclay operation Legend had already netted 200 arrests in Kansas City, but the Kansas City Star later reported those figures dated back till late last year for NPR news from Jody fortino in Kansas City going to say it's looking increasingly doubtful. The coronavirus pandemic will slowly Fade Away. There's NPR's Geoff brumfiel. It's called natural herd immunity and it works like this if enough people get sick and recover and if they're then immune to the coronavirus the pandemic will fizzle and those who haven't gotten it yet. We'll be safe.

Sounds good in theory. But in practice very few places have had enough people sick to even get close to her to me Daddy and do research now shows immunity to coronavirus might Fade with time put it all together and many scientists think natural herd immunity is just a dream. So what will happen to the virus Debbie schreder of Edinboro University. I think it's going to be with us forever. This is the good news is that early vaccine results look promising and an effective vaccine could greatly cut down on the number of infections Geoff brumfiel NPR news later today Senate Republicans are expected to roll out details of their proposal for the next coronavirus a package in Congress. The GOP plan is expected to cost about a trillion dollars.

Did GOP and the White House have a tentative deal on how much to spend on new coronavirus testing? This is NPR news from Washington.

Major League Baseball's pandemic short and regular season begins tonight NPR's Tom. Goldman says the nation's top infectious disease expert will throw out the first pitch as the defending World Series champions Washington Nationals hosts the New York Yankees baseball a reminder before the Nationals and Yankees play that all is far from normal. Dr. Anthony falchi will throw out the first pitch. He's been the country's most visible infectious disease expert through the coronavirus pandemic still raging in parts of the country baseball's covid-19 alterations include no fans. No spitting social distancing in mask-wearing when possible the normal 162-game schedule squeezed 260 games. There's more anxiety with team starting to travel increasing the risk of transmission. The Toronto Blue Jays are homeless after travel transmission concerns that Health officials tube and the team from his home park in Toronto and a secondary site in Pittsburgh. Tom Goldman NPR news.

Airports in neraka reopening to commercial airline flights today for the first time since March the coronavirus prompted their shut down along with full-day curfews Iraq has reported nearly 100,000 infections during the pandemic yesterday the country's Health Ministry reported 2700 new cases over a 24-hour. Stock markets in Asia, and it mostly lower today and Alyssa investors were reacting to the Trump Administration ordering China to close at the Consulate in Houston, Texas amid Espionage allegations. I'm Dave Mattingly NPR news in Washington.
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