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NPR News: 11-20-2020 6AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Korva Coleman president-elect Joe Biden will meet top Democratic Congressional leaders today. They're expected to discuss stole talks over a coronavirus relief package on Thursday Biden and vice president. Elect Kamala Harris met a group of Republican and Democratic Governors. NPR's ask my colleague reports. They talked about the pandemic size. The governor's from both parties will have a partner in the white house as they work to tackle covid-19 president-elect. Biden says the governor spoke about testing economic relief for states and the challenges of a nationwide vaccination campaign again noted that because the current Administration has not formally acknowledged him as the winner is team isn't getting all the info. It needs. He called Trump's refusal to concede totally.

Sponsible Asma Khalid NPR news Wilmington, Delaware President Biden won the state of Michigan by more than 150,000 votes President. Trump's campaign has dropped the lawsuit against the state. Michigan's boat has not yet been certified Michigan public radio's Rick pluta reports. The Trump campaign was watching developments closely in Wayne County home to Detroit the Wayne County Board of canvassers Deadlock Tuesday night on certifying that both based on returns from Detroit. That's because of bipartisan vote is required. And there was this blowback during the public comment. It was fierce and so the Republicans on the board reversed themselves, and then they voted to approve it and now they want to reverse it again reporting the Wayne County certification has already been sent to Michigan election officials who say it cannot be changed again the Centers for Disease Control and prevention is urging Americans.

Don't travel for Thanksgiving the agency site the pandemic NPR's David Shaffer reports some travel industry leaders are supporting the CDC recommendation despite a downturn in the economy. According to the US Travel Association. 40% of people were to the travel industry of lost their job. So it's a pandemic begin that's 3.5 million people Nationwide or more than three people currently unemployed. So when asked about the cdc's recommendation that people stay home for Thanksgiving Association president Rodger Dowell agreed. He's the guy to stay home. I'd rather have a little less travel now to come back more quickly down the road, but people are going to travel close to 50 million of them for Thanksgiving according to AAA. So Dallas has those that do travel should wear masks avoid large group Gatherings and take other precautions to slow the spread of covid-19 David Shaffer NPR news. You're listening to NPR news.

California is imposing a night-time curfew to slow the spread of the pandemic. It takes effect tomorrow the stay-at-home curfew from 10 p.m. Until 5 a.m. Bands all non-essential travel and closes non-essential business is overnight the order extend through December 21st, and comes as California experiences a surgeon coronavirus cases The 20/20 entertainment Awards season kicked off last night with the 21st. Annual Latin Grammys Awards because of the pandemic the show was anchored in Miami, but was peppered with performances from Puerto Rico Mexico and Argentina and beers Felix Contreras reports.

The undercurrent of recent Latin Grammy presentations has been the push and pull between reggaeton artists and everyone else jostling for space among the over 50 categories this year the broadcast leaned heavily on the variety of musical cultures represented in Latin music at Mexican folk album by vocalists Natalia lafourcade Air1 top honours of album of the year.

Leah Siegel the emotional highlight of the night vocalist Pitbull performing with band made up entirely of professional First Responders from around the country.

Stomach in a whirl. Next to It, Felix Contreras NPR news, the National Weather Service says that temperatures across the country will continue to warm especially in the Northeast today. There's a storm system moving out of the Northwest and into the Northern Plains. This is NPR.
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