NPR News Now - NPR News: 07-23-2020 6AM ET

NPR News: 07-23-2020 6AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Korva Coleman President Trump is deploying more federal law enforcement officers in certain US cities. This is called operation Legend at NPR's. John Schneider says, it's the president's push for what he calls Law and Order the president confirm the expansion during a Wednesday events at the White House saying his administration is surging Federal officers to Chicago and Albuquerque. He unveiled the plan with attorney general Barr at his side and he was asked about it during his second coronavirus briefing in as many days Chicago should be calling us and so should Philadelphia and Detroit and others to go in and really help them because when you're losing many people a weekend many many people you see the same numbers as I do when you losing these people they should call us and they should say come on in and says operation Legend is Safford from the controversial deployment a federal law enforcement to Portland, Oregon, but it's met with skepticism from some democratic Mayors our president accuses of not doing enough to address.

La crime trial Snyder NPR news protests against racial Injustice continued in Portland last night and the mayor of the Oregon City was tear gas by federal law enforcement officer mayor Ted wheeler was standing with protesters near a fence that was surrounding a federal courthouse a fire and recently been set near the building Florida's governor is facing a lawsuit over his order requiring school to reopen this fall and be our Greg Allen reports. The governor has given a media address the same concerns about the coronavirus should not keep children out of school the union representing Florida's teachers is suing the block an order requiring all school districts to offer in class instruction 5 days a week do union says you order violate CDC guidelines in the state's responsibility to ensure schools are operated safely Governor. Ron DeSantis says parents and students can offer online instruction if that's what they want. But the Santa says the virus poses little risk to children while they're real.

From two students from in person learning Arlo the cost of keeping schools closed are enormous continuing with online learning only likely widen the achievement gap between students from affluent and low income households Greg Island NPR news, Miami Canadian federal judge has struck down that country's agreement with the United States known as a safe Third Country protocol Dan Carpenter up reports. The policy is used to deal with refugees seeking Asylum guys each other as safe countries for refugees those who land in the US and then try to seek asylum in Canada are turn back because they must make that claim in the country in which they first arrived but the Canadian judge ruled refugees deemed ineligible in the US faced attention or other rights abuses that she says violates their constitutional rights Dan Carpenter reporting.

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The house has passed legislation to remove statutes of Confederate leaders and Defenders of slavery from the capital. They include one of Robert E Lee about 10 statues have been identified for removal several Republicans have joined Democrats in passing the legislation the workplace messaging app slack is filed an antitrust complaint with the European commission against Microsoft NPR's Bobby Allen reports, the complaint accuses the tech giant of stifling competition as Millions work from home work chatting tools like slack have exploded and growth Microsoft has been watching pushing its own workplace Communications tool teams. Now in a complaint to EU Regulators slack says Microsoft is he legally bundling teams into his office were play software? So I says Microsoft essentially forces companies to install its own messaging service and makes it impossible to uninstall Microsoft denies that is trying to stiff arm slack saying it is committed to providing customers a variety of choice.

Flax complaint comes just as European Regulators, press into other American big tech companies having find Google billions of dollars and opening investigations into Apple Bobby Allen NPR News, San Francisco, Major League Baseball opened its very short 20/20 season tonight the defending World Series champions the Washington Nationals host the New York Yankees tonight Doctor Anthony falchi will throw out the first pitch but no fans will be present to watch because of the pandemic players are being told to socially distance and wear masks when possible there is still concerned about team travel on Korva Coleman NPR news.
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