NPR News Now - NPR News: 11-21-2020 8AM ET

NPR News: 11-21-2020 8AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Charles Schneider president be like Joe Biden is calling on Congress to pass the next coronavirus relief measure by the end of the year and Paris Windsor Johnston reports. If I'd met with top Congressional Democrats in Wilmington Delaware as negotiations on the next round of Federal Aid speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer are calling for a bipartisan emergency coronavirus relief package on Friday Pelosi said the nation is in a full-blown economic and health catastrophe as the pandemic worsens employment with a benefit soon-to-expire statements. The Biden transition team says the next package should include an extension of additional weekly unemployment benefits from millions of Americans which expired in July treasury secretary. Steven mnuchin's says he'll

Temptu drafted targeted relief package with Democrats in the coming weeks Windsor Johnston NPR news, but he has officially applied for an emergency use authorization for the Food and Drug Administration. The agency's vaccine Advisory Board scheduled to discuss a vaccine on December 10th modern I expected to be the next company to seek an emergency use authorization with coronavirus cases surging across the country new data released when the federal government shows has how many hospitals in the USA? They are facing critical Staffing shortages in pure Selena Simmons stuff and reports. It nearly one-in-five hospitals in the US currently has a staffing shortage North Dakota has the highest percentage of hospitals reported shortages, Texas has the highest number of hospitals when there aren't enough staff to treat the surge of patients. The concern is that you could get to the point where you have to start rationing.

Chair and then more people could die early on in the pandemic medical staff could volunteer to help in hot spots like New York City, but that's not really possible now with so many hospital stays in shortages and cases surging all over the country Salinas and Stephen NPR news for the suspect in yesterday's shooting at a shopping mall that left seven adults and a teenager injured statements from Witnesses indicated. The shooter is a white male in his 20s or 30s investigators are working on determining the identity of that suspect any information reporting the shooter's identity at this time is false Fair Mall in Suburban Milwaukee remains closed today investigators. Remain there overnight latest statement from Authority say police believe the shooting stemmed from an altercation and was not a random act.

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A renowned adventure and prolific writer has died in pure is Neda. Ulaby reports of Jan Morris died Friday near her home Village in Wales after a lifetime of expiration Jan Morris managed to pack more into her 94 years than most of us would over many lifetimes. She was a British intelligence officer a journalist who climbed Mount Everest was Sir Edmund Hillary and two other dozen books wrestling history is novels and a Pioneer 1974 Memoir and when she came out as transgender in 1989 Moore still WHYY fresh air. She felt she had transcended categories such as male and female and that seems to me you're not unhappy situation married life as quest for Unity and Reconciliation.

Better-looking NPR news today for National Health commission recorded five new locally transmitted the coronavirus infections in Shanghai authorities have sealed off a hospital after two people tested positive to Japan the government of scaling back a tourism campaign. It's meant to encourage domestic travel and dining out by offering discounts the Prime Minister announced the decision today saying the campaign's travel discounts will no longer apply to hard hit areas and eating out discounts will end temporarily the number of confirmed infections in Japan reached a record for a third straight day on trial Snyder. This is NPR news.
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