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NPR News: 11-23-2020 8PM ET

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Live from NPR news. I'm Jack Speer President, Joe Biden can now officially begin the transition process. The general Services Administration is ascertain the outcome of the election and is NPR's Windsor Johnson reports President Trump appears to be giving a green light to the process the election but he has directed GSA administrator Emily Murphy and her team to do what needs to be done with regard to initial protocols in the same. Tweet Trump also instructed his team to do the same for the decision should pay the way for Biden to have access to daily intelligence reports and to be able to speak directly to members of the coronavirus task force as the pandemic worsened after days of pressure and intense National scrutiny the Michigan Board of State canvassers voted to certify the results of the states November election member station wkar in East Lansing Abigail sin.

He has more one Republican canvasser join the two Democrats on the board voting to certify the States election. The other Republican canvasser abstained vote came roughly four and a half hours into the meeting which more than 28,000 people were watching on YouTube the boards ordinarily administrative but important role was transformed into a national spectacle as Republicans and President Trump continue to question the results. Now the state's 16 electoral votes can be awarded to president-elect Joe Biden who won the state by more than 150,000 vote candidates can also now request recounts, but officials say it won't change the outcome for NPR news. I'm Abigail Penske in Lansing special presidential Envoy for climate NPR's Rebecca hersher reports. It's the first climate specific position at work on the National Security Council security threat posed by climate change something.

Department of Defense has been warning about four years as disasters get more frequent and severe and global warming threatens to spark conflict. The 76er old former secretary of state is widely respected Among Us a Bushman environmental Advocates, including those who helped to negotiate the 2015 Paris agreement the former head of the Environmental Protection Agency Gina McCarthy expressed. Hope that carries new position will signal to other countries that us promises about climate change can be trusted. Some environmental groups are also calling on the Biden ministration not to stop with Carrie and to create a larger climb a focus group within the White House Rebecca hersher NPR news re bar in a letter to the environmental group sang the day GM will pull out of the lawsuit and all the other car companies do the same street that I was up to return 27 points. This is NPR.

Tonight the NFL Will Make History during the Monday Night Football game because NPR's brakkton Booker explains. It has nothing to do with the two teams vying for playoff seeding. When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who's the Los Angeles Rams? It will be a trailblazing event. That's because it will be the first NFL game to feature an all-black officiating crew headed by 17-year veteran Jerome Boger. This is he alone did not bring me to this point but countless hours of training and preparation have got me to where I am to fix the field during a season where the NFL valve to do more to elevate issues of diversity and racial Equity after George Floyd was killed by police in Minneapolis this summer several NFL players took to social media criticizing the league for not doing more to call out. Racial Injustice. Brakkton Booker NPR news.

Traveling limit large Gatherings this holiday season the Trump White House appears to be taking a different tact festivities kicked off there today with the arrival of the White House Christmas tree the host of White House holiday events planned first lady Melania Trump's spokeswoman and Chief of Staff Stephanie Grisham that attend parties parties will be a very personal choice. She noted visiting the White House during Christmas to see holiday decorations is a long-standing tradition girl Futures prices should an 8-week high oil ended the session up $0.64 a barrel to 4306 a barrel in New York. I'm Jack Speer NPR news.
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