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NPR News: 11-25-2020 8PM ET

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Lonnie from NPR news. I'm deal Willman President Trump has granted a full. Pardon to his first national security adviser Michael Flynn as NPR's Ryan Lucas reports Flynn had pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI during the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. The president announced his decision on Twitter. They congratulated Flynn and his family and said they will now have a quote truly fantastic Thanksgiving the park and brings an end of lens long-running legal Saga. He pleaded guilty in 2017 the line to the FBI about a contact with Russia and cooperated with investigators the last year Flynn reverse course and proclaimed his innocence. He claims he was set up by the FBI and he tried to withdraw his guilty play the justice department then sought to drop its case against him although a federal judge refused to do so immediately in the matter has remained tied up in court the case is moods. Now that plan has received a full presidential pardon Ryan Lucas NPR News, Washington, the president elections of Biden family Thanksgiving is not in the car.

For this holiday your remarks to the nation today. He instead urged Americans to follow the advice of Health experts and stay home in Oregon a partial shutdown to close Jim's and recreational facilities are slated to be lifted on December 3rd. But Governor Kate Brown is asking people to stick to the safety guidelines this week or cables next holiday season about how happy we are that both 20/20 and Kobe by recycled begin there by Christmas the European Union has contracts with six suppliers and could potentially have access to more than 1 billion doses of vaccine. That's more than double the black population local and federal prosecutors. Say California Employment Development Department has been paying benefits to tens of thousands of inmates costing the state over 140 million dollars from NPR member station KQED, Julie Chang.

What's the fraudulent claims were filed between March and August the even included some high-profile inmates like convicted murderer Scott Peterson State Assembly member David. Chu says this adds to a long list of failures by the state agency prosecutor said the department didn't cross reference unemployment claims against the list of prisoners like them other states do the state agency has been overwhelmed with millions of benefit claim since March that resulted in a backlog that led to a two-week shutdown in September for NPR news on Julie Chang in San Francisco lights to finish at 29872 the NASDAQ closed up 57 points finishing a 12094 the S&P 500 close down v e r

The federal government made a move today to add more hospital beds to a Healthcare System that's trained by the Nationwide surgeon covid-19 cases. What is NPR Selena Simmons? Duffin reports beds aren't the biggest problem right now early on in the pandemic the federal government allowed ambulatory surgical centers to apply for Hospital status. So that those facilities could be used to treat seriously ill patients that regular Hospital didn't have room for this new announcement Builds on that policy, but kratika, I mean of the Kaiser Family Foundation points out. The critical issue right now is not feds its staff have as many nurses as we have were trained to take care of your Leo patient. This isn't going to add more capacity to the system. She says it's not known how many of these centers have taken this option and whether it's making a difference for hospitals, that's one of many data points related to covid-19 federal government has not made public Salinas and his Duffin NPR

Officials of the company that helps to develop Alaska's Pebble mine project stay there just made by US Government decision to reject a permit for the mind. The company says it will appeal the ruling the pebble mine would produce 70 million tons of gold molybdenum and copper or a year. It would also create a pit almost 2,000 feet deep and leave behind massive amounts of mine tailings. The pandemic may have changed many holiday plans, but one thing will remain the same the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade will still go on on Thursday people will not be allowed to Crown the parade route, which has been shortened from two and a half miles to just one block ideal Willman NPR news, NY.
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