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NPR News: 11-28-2020 5AM ET

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Live from NPR news on trial Snyder attorneys for the Trump campaign going to take their challenge to the election results in Pennsylvania to the Supreme Court and beers Windsor Johnson reports on the campaign's latest legal set back the rejection by a federal appeals court to the campaign's claims State at Merritt University of Richmond law professor. Carl Tobias says the Supreme Court is almost certain to deny any appeal court is going to rule in a way that would help the Trump campaign at this point. At least that's the Pennsylvania given what they've done so far below to Trump's claims that election results in the swing states where he lost were rigged Trump has yet to concede three weeks after the race was called for now President elect.

Joe Biden Windsor Johnston NPR news, Arizona and Nevada campaign is expected to mount another legal challenge to the results of this one in Wisconsin where the campaign had to Bandit adjust Joe Biden's lead increase by more than 130 volts our account and the Dane County expected to be completed tomorrow in the Canada senior military officer has been given the job of leading the rollout of coronavirus vaccine Stan Carpenter reports, the military's been quietly planning the distribution for months, NATO Commander major-general. Danny full-time will oversee what's expected to be a massive Logistics operation delivering vaccines to millions of Canadians in the coming months there more than two dozen military staff working out of the national public health agency that include operational planners pharmacist Healthcare administrators engineers.

And it expert Auto wants more than half of Canadians immunize by next September 4th several the past week of come closer to making decisions Wednesday to completely remove a monument of an unnamed confederate soldier. It's stood in the center of the port town since 1902. Meanwhile Asheville North Carolina is moving closer to taking down a 50-foot Monument to a Confederate military officer and former governor who owns more than a dozen enslaved people and in Franklin, Tennessee, the City Board decided unanimously to add a statue of a black Union soldier to the Public Square where will face the Confederate Monument the new Statue intended to honor African-American regiments during the Civil War is scheduled for dedication on Juneteenth next year living NPR news.

Iran is bailing revenge for the assassination of a top nuclear scientist president Hassan Rouhani today joined other top Iranian officials and blaming Israel and telling it televised cabinet meeting that Iran will respond in a proper time later in the day Iran supreme leader released a statement on Twitter calling for what he called definitive punishment scientists have confirmed that in elusive rodent in Eastern Africa applies poison to its own fur & Beyond in peers. No Greenfield Road voice reports at the African crested rats also has an unexpected social life.

The African crested rat is the only mammal known to defend itself using a plant toxin this rodent chews on the bark of a poisonous tree, then uses the saliva mixture to coat some special hairs on its flanks this Behavior was observed. It only one animal about a decade ago, but now in the Journal of mammalogy scientists say they trapped 25 more of these creatures in about half of them did it when offered the toxic tree branches scientist had assumed these animals live solitary lives, but some of the trapped animals seem to know each other and when scientists put two Pals and the same enclosure they groomed each other and snuggled Nell greenfieldboyce NPR news. Another has life-threatening wounds a Sacramento Police. Spokesman says officers responded to a call of shots fired at the Arden Fair Mall just after 6 p.m. Yesterday. This is NPR news.
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