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NPR News: 11-29-2020 3AM ET

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Fly from NPR news. I'm Nora raum, Pennsylvania Supreme Court last night throughout the latest lawsuit brought by the Trump campaign in an attempt to overturn the election results this one and try to keep the stage from certifying the Joe Biden had one it was upheld by a lower court last week. Now Pennsylvania's highest Court ruled unanimously against the request Friday night of federal appeals court dismissed another Trump campaign lawsuit. Also Sun seeking to undo the results in Pennsylvania in California. The Republican candidate has won a tightly fought u.s. Race in the State Farm built the third Republican house pick up in the state NPR's Eric Westervelt reports of 30 points, but Republicans actually had one of their best years in the state and more than a decade the GOP Friday recaptured a third US House seat. The Democrats had flip from Republicans in 2018 after

AP called the type race in the 21st district their Republican David valadao took back the Central Valley seat. He lost two years ago the Democratic representative TJ Cox the third house pick up offers a sliver of Hope for Republican in a state where Democrats still hold every Statewide office super majorities in the legislature and a wide voter registration Advantage Eric Westervelt. NPR News, San Francisco, the surgeon covid-19 cases affecting most of the US in Texas. The hospitals are filling up and the staff is overworked. Dr. Joseph. The run is chief of staff at United Memorial Medical Center in Houston. He says the situation is likely to become even worse. I truly believe the Mix 6 or 12 weeks from the darkest weeks in modern America American medical history when I say so because of what's been going on the last few days.

People are tired of dealing with covid-19. And I'm not taking any other precautions thousands gathered across France yesterday protesting a proposed law. They say would make it harder to expose police violence Rebecca Rossman reports.

Demonstrators in central Paris. Tear gas and chanted LaBelle today to protest a bill they say threatens freedom of expression. There has been a particular backlash against one provision that restricts publishing footage of the police that would quote harm their physical or mental well-being supporters of the law say it would protect police officers from being threatened while off-duty the protest come on the heels of multiple incidents of police being seen using excessive force in video shared on social media one video shows police brutally beating a black music producer as he was trying to enter his studio for NPR news on Rebecca Rothman in Paris News.

Iran supreme leader yesterday promise retaliation for the killing of the Islamic Republic stop nuclear scientist gunman ambushed his car near tear on Friday the supreme leader. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said errands first priority is the definitive punishment of the perpetrators and those who ordered it other Irani and leaders are blaming Israel for the attack Israel has not commented. The Denver Broncos are without a quarterback today. Literally, Colorado Public radio's fella has more all of the Broncos quarterbacks have been ruled out for today's home game against New Orleans due to covid-19 exposure backup quarterback, Jeff driskel tested positive for the coronavirus last week the other QBs including regular starter Drew Block in close contact with him, the athletic reports the players were not forthcoming with the NFL during contact raising interviews about the exposure the Broncos and says, they will not forfeit to

Is game instead they'll have another player like a running back or wide receiver or perhaps both play quarterback for NPR news. I'm Vic valid in Denver in college football what Sarah Fuller made history yesterday. She became the first woman to participate enough power 5 conference game when she kicked off or Vanderbilt to start the second half against Missouri Fuller got her chance after several members of the squad were put in quarantine because of covid-19 Vanderbilt, then turn to the soccer team where Fuller is a 6-foot to goalkeeper. I'm Nora raum NPR news.
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