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NPR News: 11-30-2020 11PM ET

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Live from NPR news on Giles Snyder a controversial science adviser to President Trump has resigned. Dr. Scott Atlas confirmed in a tweet this evening that he's leaving the White House near the end of his temporary government assignment Atlas had resisted face masks and other efforts to contain the coronavirus pandemic breaking with top government experts and the scientific Community me while hospitalizations for covid-19 of jumped more than 93,000 in the US and the nation's top Public Health experts say with the country now averaging about 160,000 new cases every day at numbers only set to grow will Stone reports hospitalizations are up more than 20,000 from just two weeks ago. The number of patience is growing the fastest in southern states Texas now has over 8,000 hospitalized and health officials across the u.s. In New York, Rhode Island, Ohio and Washington are warning about Hospital capacity, California. Governor, Gavin Newsom says, the number of patients has a

Doubled since mid-november if these Trends continue we're going to have to take much more dramatic arguably drastic action that could include a stay-at-home order in the midwest where hospitals have been in Crisis 4 weeks. There are signs of the number of new patients may be starting to level off for NPR news. I'm will Stone the drugmaker the reservation for its coronavirus vaccine Richard Harris on new study results on the company shot the previous hopefully about a hundred volunteers who got sick with covid-19 out of some 30,000 to volunteer to get either the vaccine or a placebo and then another hundred or so people have gotten sick and the vast majority of those people are in the placebo shot group. Not the real shot Group, which means it's working well, but during the president. Dr. Steven Hoag says, that's exactly what they've been hoping for December 17th to discuss

Wilderness request a shot developed by Pfizer is also be considered and British Regulators evaluating the visor shot and another from AstraZeneca the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission confirms that he will step down in January in Paris David folkenflik reports on I-80 pies resignation. The light touches the nation's Chief Telecom regulator under President Trump offering few objections to huge murders such as T-Mobile and Sprint and Disney's acquisition of foxes Entertainment Properties pie. Also push to erase so-called neutrality rules be promoted the expansion of Sinclair broadcast group a local TV Behemoth closely aligned with the President right until pie concluded Sinclair officials had lied to him. He been blocked a big takeover deal and find the company a record amount that said consumer Advocates appraised pie for making Spectrum bands more available for wireless use

Two key swing States, Wisconsin and Arizona certified their vote tallies today in favor of Joe Biden for President. Trump's legal team is still disputing the election results and President Trump has promised to file a lawsuit in Wisconsin the challenges. However brought by his campaign or his supporters have largely been unsuccessful more than 4,000 square miles of the Amazon rainforest were burned or cut down within the past year. That's a highest level of deforestation in 12 years and environmental hazard blaming Brazil's government and purest and Charles reports. These are Brazil's official figures on deforestation from the country's National Institute of Space Research Institute says the amount of deforestation increased almost 10% over last year, which in turn was a big increase over the year before most of this land clearing is illegal, but environmental groups a Brazil's current government is no longer and vigorously investigating and Prosecuting environmental crimes. They say the government instead.

Decided with ranchers Miners and loggers some scientists have warned that continued destruction of the tropical forest could permanently damage at reducing rainfall across much of South America and Charles NPR news is preparing to attempt to land a robotic Probe on the surface of the Moon and exact timeline has not been made public by a touchdown is expected sometime Tuesday morning Eastern time. The probe is to drill for rock samples and return them to Earth if successful trying to rejoin the US and Russian retrieving such samples from the Moon on trial Snyder. This is NPR news.
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