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NPR News: 07-23-2020 7AM ET

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Flying from NPR news. I'm Korva Coleman. The Trump Administration is sending federal law enforcement officers to Chicago and Albuquerque, New Mexico to help local authorities stem recent spikes and violent crime NPR's Ryan Lucas reports. The justice department initiative is called operation Legend and started earlier this month in Kansas City, Missouri, Attorney General William Barr sending some 200 federal agents to Chicago and around 35 to Albuquerque to work with local task forces to fight violent crime. Those cities have seen a significant jumping crime this year in Chicago in Albuquerque art and expansion of the justice department operation legend that began in early July with the surge of some 200 that'll agents to Kansas City attorney general agency said we'll focus on solving murders and taking down violent gangs Washington Express concern about the federal presence the president called Chicago.

Mary Lori Lightfoot who had expressed skepticism, but says now she welcomes a partnership what she doesn't want is what's happening in Portland, Oregon federal law enforcement officers are deployed there and say they're protecting Federal buildings, but last night when demonstrators live fired near a federal courthouse, the officers tear-gassed a crowd including Portland mayor Ted wheeler.

No matter what and if they want to tear gas against you they are wanting to tear gas against me for Oregon officials are suing the Trump Administration in federal court to force out the federal agents scientists are increasingly doubtful that the coronavirus pandemic will slowly Fade Away NPR's Jeff Brumfield fix Plains why it's called natural herd immunity and it works like this if enough people get sick and recover and if they're then immune to the coronavirus the pandemic will fizzle and those who haven't got it yet. We'll be safe. It sounds good in theory, but in practice very few places have had enough people sick to even get close to her to me dirty and do research now shows immunity to coronavirus might Fade with time put it all together and many scientists think natural herd immunity is just a dream. So what will happen to the virus Debbie schreder of Edinborough universe?

I think it's going to be with us. The good news is that early vaccine results look promising and an effective vaccine could greatly cut down on the number of infections Geoff. Brumfiel. NPR news, California has now surpassed New York has the state with the greatest number of virus infections. There are more than 421,000 cases reported and on Wednesday, California reported its largest single-day total of new coronavirus cases since the pandemic starred in

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Civil rights activist Charles Evers has died in Mississippi me was 97 years old a coroner says he died of natural causes Evers was the older brother of slain civil rights activist Medgar Evers who was assassinated in 1963 outside his home in 1969 Charles Evers became the first black candidate in Mississippi to win a mayor's race after reconstruction Congress has passed the most significant piece of environmental legislation in decades. It funds national parks and land conservation efforts. NPR's Nathan rot reports President Trump is expected to sign the Great American outdoors act national parks. Wildlife refuges in public lands got a big infusion of federal funding and in a lot of places, it shows campgrounds in disrepair pothole pitted Road shutter visitor Center's the Great American outdoor earmarks billions of dollars to address those maintenance backlog at least in part and it provides Permanent Fund.

You a program called the land and water conservation fund which helps fund outdoor recreation and access to the outdoors. The timing of the Bill's passage is not accidental President Trump is a me to give credit for its passage to two Republican senators in Montana and Colorado who are in tight races for re-election Nathan Rod. NPR news. China is the second country this week to launch a space probe to Mars. The Chinese government is sending a Rover to the red planet to search for evidence of underground water last Monday. The United Arab Emirates launched a probe to study the Martian atmosphere.

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