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NPR News: 12-03-2020 8PM ET

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Live from NPR news. I'm Jack Speer, California has announced a new stay-at-home order to help stop the rapid spread of the coronavirus Scott rod with member Station Camp radio in Sacramento reports state is approaching 20,000 covid-19 deaths. The stay-at-home order is similar to one that took effect in March businesses including hair salons in far as must close retail stores can remain open at 20% capacity and restaurants can offer takeout only the residents are encouraged to stay home as much as possible Governor. Gavin Newsom says covid-19 patients are starting to flood the Healthcare System. The bottom line is if we don't act now or hospital system will be overwhelmed. We don't act now will continue to see a death rate climb. The stay-at-home order applies to Regions with limited ICU capacity. The entire state is expected to fall under the order within weeks for NPR news on Scott rod in Sacramento over to Democrat in the house.

Warriors sing the body will not adjourn for the year without providing some measure of coronavirus relief to Americans. The House Majority leaders comments to colleagues coming as lawmakers have shown some signs of flexibility in terms of the size of a coronavirus relief measure. What were lawmakers have also indicated they playing with journey week from now making for a tight timetable present Electro Biden some top Democrats or so, they would endorse a 908 billion-dollar bipartisan plan. The government accountability office is warning that recently discovered processing errors in the 2020 census could affect the accuracy of the national headcount. Angela Wang reports. The Census Bureau says, it's trying to fix the problems as soon as possible internal documents obtained by the house oversight committee reveal that because of processing anomalies affecting more than a million records at 2020census needs more quality checks and statement. The Bureau says those errors affect less than 1% of Records Nationwide, but that has Chris. Mihm.

Which state gains or loses a seat in Congress Lesson 16 thousand people it is still not clear how seats under the wagon Trump's nominees to the federal reserve's influential Board of Governors lawmakers, 50248 247 approving the nomination of Christopher Waller while there was research director of the st. Louis Federal Reserve Bank, and as a career of solid economic credentials while there's attracted far less scrutiny than another of Trump's choice is Judy Sheldon was voted down in the Senate last month to be questions about whether she felt the FED should be more politicized past comments about the gold standard IMAX close on Wall Street today. The Dow is up 85 points the S&P down to this is NPR.

Adam deadline is coming up now for the next phase of relief for some Department of Health has released its action plan reduce pregnancy-related deaths and more in a press conference today. Dr. Dorothy Fink the deputy assistant Secretary of women's health announced the goals of the new plan Target one is to reduce maternal mortality rate by 50% and five-year Target to is to cut low-risk cesarean Birth by 25% because they increase the risk of long-term health problems for mothers the new plan also aims to tackle another major reason for pregnancy-related complications of hypertension with women who died due to pregnancy related reasons and black and Native Americans and Alaskan Indian women die at a higher rate and white asian and Hispanic women read the tragedy NPR news.

Austin Tice court is now refusing to hear President Trump's attempt to overturn. His election laws Democrat Joe Biden in that state the Wisconsin Supreme Court saying the case first has to wend its way through the lower courts Trump's lawyers argue. That would be enough not be enough time to waste a legal battle that way before State electors cast their ballots on December 14th certifying Vines victory in the state find one Wisconsin by more than twenty thousand votes Futures prices move higher today or oil up 36in Barrel to end the session 4564 Barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. I'm Jack Speer NPR news.
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