NPR News Now - NPR News: 07-23-2020 11AM ET

NPR News: 07-23-2020 11AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Korva Coleman the labor department says 1.4 million people filed unemployment claims last week economic effects from the pandemic continue to persist Senate Republicans are working toward agreement with the White House on a fresh coronavirus relief package treasury secretary. Steven mnuchin says the legislation will continue sending extra benefits to people who file for unemployment. These benefits are about to expire the mission says the new extra benefit won't be the generous $600 people have been receiving. We're not going to pay people more to stay home then to work. So we're looking at something that looks like a 70% wage replacement and we're working on the mechanics of that the treasury secretary also says the same payroll taxes that had been opposed by many congressional Republicans scientists are increasingly doubtful. The coronavirus will slowly Fade Away NPR's Geoff brumfiel explains.

It's called natural herd immunity and it works like this if enough people get sick and recover and if they're then immune to the coronavirus the pandemic will fizzle and those who haven't gotten it yet. We'll be safe. It sounds good in theory. But in practice very few places have had enough people sick to even get close to her immunity and do research now shows immunity to coronavirus might Fade with time put it all together and many scientists think natural herd immunity is just a dream. So what will happen to the virus Debbie Schroeder of Edinboro University is going to be with us forever. This is a good news is that early vaccine results look promising and an effective vaccine could greatly cut down on the number of infections from PL NPR news starting today the US Census Bureau you sending workers into more areas of the country NPR's. Hello Wong says, they'll be knocking on doors of households. That did not complete.

The 2020 census form either online by mail or over the phone roughly 4 out of 10 households. Nationwide have not yet participated in a masked workers from the Census Bureau are heading out to neighborhoods in Eastern Connecticut, Southern Indiana Plus in and around Tacoma Washington the results of the account help determine the amount of federal tax dollars each Community Jazz for Medicare Medicaid and other public services door knocking is set to start Nationwide on August 11th, but some senses Advocates are worried the coronavirus outbreak could stop door knockers from making in-person visits. I could result in major under couch that affect Federal funding amplify representation over the next decade on NPR news New York for the Dow Jones Industrial Average is down 118 Poinsett 26882. The NASDAQ is down 15 points.

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The National Hurricane Center says hurricane Douglas in the Pacific Ocean is moving directly toward Hawaii top sustained winds at 100 miles per hour for Castor said they expect Douglas to lose strength and may become a tropical storm before reaching the islands. Possibly this weekend separately a tropical depression in the Gulf of Mexico could turn into a tropical storm in a day or so. The storm system is headed north. It could strike the Texas Gulf Coast by Saturday authorities in Bolivia say they've recovered hundreds of bodies in recent days of mid the pandemic NPR's Philip Reeves has more police say they collected 420 parties of a 5 days of the 80% to pay to be victims of the virus. They were retrieved from streets cars and homes in the city Santa Cruz in some parts of Bolivia. The pandemics overwhelmed Health Services in cemeteries. The country is recorded more than 2,200 deaths the true number.

I need to be higher than 62,000 bolivians have been infected including interim president who took office after president David Morales was ousted last year of these may now be postponed flip Reeves NPR news Rio de Janeiro. The house has passed legislation to remove statues of Confederate leaders and Defenders of slavery from the capital. They include one of Robert E Lee about 10 statues have been identified for removal several Republicans of join Democratic passing the legislation the bill now goes to the Senate it has his own version of this legislation.

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