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NPR News: 12-06-2020 7AM ET

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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Amy held us coronavirus cases hospitalizations and death are all Breaking records hospitals are straining to keep up with more than 100,000 to cross the country and in parts of California ICU beds are in short supply Josie home from over station KPCC reports. That's why it's some regions are under new stayed home orders Southern California and the Central Valley or facing new health orders because I see you capacity in both regions has fallen below 15% bad news for Coronavirus patients, but also those suffering from other serious conditions. The new Regional orders will require millions of people to stay home as much as possible and not mix with other households those in the affected areas are banned from eating out at restaurants, although delivery and takeout are permitted retail stores can still operate at 20% capacity, but the order shuts down nail and hair salons as well as zoos in playgrounds for NPR news on jojo siwa.

In Los Angeles George's in the spotlight at the candidates in a key Senate runoff debate tonight Republican incumbent Kelly Loeffler takes on Democrat Raphael Warnock six-term, Senator David Perdue declined an invitation by the Atlanta Press Club to debate Democrat. Jon ossoff President Trump rally in Georgia for Lefler and Purdue last night. Remember station WABE, Atlanta Lisa. Hagen has more in his first rally since losing the election Trump falsely told supporters. He had won in Georgia. He lost the state by about twelve thousand votes.

Are being very gracious loser much of trump speech focused on attacking the 2020 election results. He also dismissed the idea that his supporters shouldn't vote in upcoming Senate runoff that could determine control of Congress candidates themselves were interrupted by audience chance calling on them to fight for Trump. The President also said Georgia's Republican governor should be ashamed of himself for not intervening in the States election results for NPR news on Lisa Hagen in Atlanta Venezuelans vote today for a new National Assembly in an election. The opposition is boycotting. It's almost certain to return allies of President Nicolas Maduro. The BBC's Katie Watson has more the National Assembly has been the only remaining branch of government in opposition control without set to change the results of full-grown conclusion because he'll position isn't taking part 1 guide.

The current head of the National Assembly and the man that finity 2 years has came to constitutional right to leave the country will be out of a job and his future uncertain. He insists he'll remain in Venezuela to fight the government of Nicolas Maduro. The people here seem tired of politics many have lost faith both in the government and the opposition the BBC's Katie wants and Reporting and you are listening to NPR news.

Talks between the European Union and Britain on a post brexit deal resume today in Brussels Terry Schultz reports from Brussels that negotiators have struggled but have been asked to keep at it after a phone call with British prime minister Boris Johnson European commission Chief Ursula, Von der leyen says they agree. There's no way to have a final deal without resolving remaining differences over Fisheries establishing a Level Playing Field and how to regulate adherence to the new rules. But they also agreed for the lion says to give it another shot should be undertaken by our negotiating teams to assess whether these issues can be resolved after chief negotiators meet Sunday in Brussels. Another phone call between vonder Lyon & Johnson is scheduled for Monday night without a deal trade and Customs barriers between the sides would take effect January 1st Frontier news on Terry Schultz in Brussels a fire that's consumed more than 7,000 acres in Southern California is

Nearly half contained the bonfire began as a house fire in Orange County that was fast fueled by dry. Gusty winds thousands of residents have been forced to evacuate Wildfire risk warnings remain in effect in the region in Manhattan. A fire has damaged I historic church home to New York the Liberty Bell which rang out in 1776 to celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence the BlazBlue out stained glass windows and destroyed the sanctuary at Middle Collegiate Church the condition of the Bell however remains unclear. I mean he held in Washington and you're listening to NPR news.
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