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NPR News: 12-09-2020 8AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Korva Coleman commercial testing Labs want to increase the availability of coronavirus test and fears Allison Aubrey reports to Leading companies are expanding access to at home testing kits earlier in the pandemic Quest Diagnostics turnaround time for covid-19 test for priority averaging two days for priority patients and up to 3 days on average for others. Both Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp now have options for Home Collection samples that can be shipped to the lab for analysis Quest received authorization for a self collection nasal sample test kit that can detect book and the flu even with vaccines around the corner the man for testing remains high as cases continue to rise the US has surpassed 15 million documented cases of coronavirus since the start of the pandemic Allison.

NPR news president-elect Joe Biden is expected to formally introduce his nominee for defense secretary today retired for start US Army General Lloyd Austin and Bri Giles Snyder has more President Biden is already making the case for why Austin should be confirmed by the Senate riding in the Atlantic fight and said I was too would work to put the civil-military balance back on track. Austin would be the nation's first black defense secretary, but there are concerns and Congress about maintaining civilian control at the Pentagon like Jim Mattis, Austin Juanita Congressional waiver because he hasn't been out of the military for the required 7 years of reporting fighting also plans to nominate Ohio democratic congresswoman Marcia fudge to head the Department of Housing and Urban Development and buying is expected to tap former agriculture secretary Tom vilsack to return to that job.

The US Supreme Court has rejected a republican request overturned election results in Pennsylvania and Piers Nina totenberg reports. The one sentence order was issued less than an hour after the appeal was filed. The lawsuit was brought by a group of Republican congressmen and state legislators who contended it all true point five million mail-in ballots cast in the stage should be thrown out or the republican-controlled state legislature should be allowed to select Electoral College presidential electors the state supreme court unanimously dismiss the suit 10 days ago calling the claim quote a transparent an untimely effort to subvert the will of Pennsylvania voters and even as the US Supreme Court tossed out the Pennsylvania case, Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton filed his own Hail Mary emergency past asking the justices to block, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin from casting their presidential votes in the Electoral College next week.

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The house has passed a huge defense policy Bill and send it on to the Senate despite a veto thread from President Trump. He wants the bill to strip certain protections away from social media companies, but it doesn't the defense policy bill is supported by Democrats and Republicans, but it's not yet clear if there are enough votes to override a presidential veto in Congress in West Virginia. At least four people have been injured as a result of a chemical plant explosion in Upper Kanawha County outside Charleston for West Virginia Public Broadcasting. Emily. Allen has more the injured include three people who late Tuesday night or transported by ambulance to local hospitals. Another person was driving near the plant when debris hit their car that person and drove to a local hospital without help. It's unclear. What caused the explosion but County Commission president. Ken Carper says chlorinated dry bleach and methanol or released into the air.

It'll be a thorough investigation by federal and state and local Authority. Then eventually the plant will explain what happened to Chief's and local Homeland Security leaders on-site. The situation is stabilized for NPR news. I'm Emily Allen in Charleston, West Virginia, Wisconsin National Guard reports that one of its F-16 fighter jets have crashed on a training Mission the fighter jet out of a base near Madison Wisconsin went down last evening in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan One Pilot was aboard his condition is not known.

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