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NPR News: 12-10-2020 7AM ET

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My from NPR news on Korva Coleman the Food and Drug Administration is said to me today to review emergency use of a covid-19 vaccine in the US and peers Windsor Johnson reports. If the FDA Greenlight the shots, the first doses could be shipped out this weekend. The Trump Administration has said millions of Americans could receive the first vaccines by the end of the year, but some people remain skeptical over the shots and worried that the authorization process was rushed his disease experts. Dr. Anthony falchi. Tell CNN that if the FDA votes to approve the shots, he'll take them that I will take that back to me myself and I will recommend that my family does that by the end of the day on whether to recommend the Pfizer by on type vaccine Paving the way for emergency use authorization Windsor Johnston NPR news President, Joe Biden.

Will travel to Georgia next Tuesday to campaign for the two Democratic candidates running for the US Senate the outcome of the election will determine which party controls the Senate separately by Muse expected to name Catherine time as the next us trade representative. The Senate is poised to take up a temporary funding measure in time to thwart a government shutdown deadline on Friday and your Claudia grisales reports the house already approved the one-week stopgap measure to buy more time to negotiate a larger spending package lawmakers said they hope to reach a large spending deal later this month. The Senate is expected to approve the temporary funding measure and send it to President Trump for his signature by week's end members are still hoping to craft a permanent spending bill that could include coronavirus relief aid, but it remains unclear if Congress can reach a deal on both in time NPR's Claudia grisales before.

Thousands of American soldiers are now on their way out of Afghanistan and PR some Bowman reports. It's part of the White House at 4 to cut the US troop presence before President Trump leaves office from the 10th Mountain division is on his way back to Fort Drum New York and it division spokesman major Harold Huff says the soldiers are expected be home by early January President Trump and hope that all American troops could be home by Christmas but settled on leaving about 2,500 in Afghanistan by the time he leaves office next month. The future of American forces in Afghanistan is uncertain. Are you with Taliban peace agreement calls for all US troops to leave by next spring if the Taliban agrees to certain conditions president-elect, Joe Biden. Meanwhile, he said he hoped to keep several thousand American troops there to fight al-qaida and other militants Tom Bowman NPR news.

President Trump wants to join an election lawsuit from Texas that seeks to throw out millions of votes in for others stays. The lawsuit is seeing having an extremely poor chance of success at the US Supreme Court. The justice department is suing Alabama over its prison system. The agency says conditions in Alabama's male prisons are so violent that they violate the constitution remember station WB. Hm Mary Scott Hutchins reports Department of Justice since April 2019 following a skating doj report that detail horrific acts of violence and sexual abuse among inmates the justice department released another report earlier this year that said Alabama prison staff use excessive force doj officials say they're disappointed that they couldn't reach an agreement with the state the lawsuit seeks injunctive relief to address unsafe and unsanitary conditions in recent months. Alabama has move forward with a plan to build 3 mega prison.

To improve conditions and relieve overcrowding for NPR news on Mary Scott hodgin in Birmingham. The Minneapolis city council has adopted a new budget. It moves about 8 million dollars out of the city police department and into other programs such as for violence prevention. It does not cap. The number of police officers Minneapolis. Mayor, Jacob Frey had threatened to veto the city budget. If it did there have been calls to reallocate police funding in Minneapolis since the killing of George Floyd by former Minneapolis officers earlier this year and 4 of a Coleman NPR news.
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