the memory palace - Episode 171: Out to Sea and Back Again

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This is the Memory Palace tomorrow.

Out to the Sea and back again. And again the soldiers bivouacking in the low role of hills and he'll colored tents then lined onto trucks open to the air salt and damp and silver in the Morning Mist to rumble down to staging grounds where once Willow suede by the Sea just a few years before for Pearl Harbor and before a Japanese submarine sank an oil tanker. Not far from Shore.

And then the Willows came out in the Army Corps of Engineers came in and all hands on deck like these men new recruits March to the pier across gangplanks to huddle shoulder-to-shoulder in the landing craft the low-slung boats with the rear gate to drop like a job to spit men out the tide the front of the motor the shutter of propeller working free of the sea grass and kept coming up from the bottom of Morro Bay and the Central Coast of California sea otters sea lions some 16,000 servicemen late-winter 43 men from Muskogee in Sheboygan Wis Hartford in East St. Louis, once mailman in line cooks and all of that and I'm military training for the Pacific to take Islands to take bunkers embedded in European Cliff sides being tested in testing for the planners in the Pentagon new techniques for new Battlefield 4 new phase of the war new ideas, that could be poured back into new weapons new methods for pouring men onto beaches.

forgetting them up hills and they're hailing Bullets Over razor wire past traps yet unknown being devised right then by men in Berlin and Tokyo out to sea and back again again and again young man the 7th infantry the 88-cent to learn how to clear the thresholds of the Lander to clear faster this time to keep their ammunition dry to keep their rifles above the water to stay calm in the breakers broke the water is just so cold and everything goes white to learn to pull the pin and release their grips on grenades just as their hands crossed the plains of their shoulders to do it all as they are cracks in flashes in tears open around them to learn hand signals so they can take orders that they will not be able to hear with ringing in their ears to get their sea legs to not vomit out to sea and Back Again times each time giving all day at first to take the hill in the landed just left from the boat into the water of the beach same as the day before but a little stronger a little faster with each

Passing day more sore though their feet more and more a mess wet boots. Sandy socks blisters turn toenails thousands of men dropped again and again onto the beach off Door Creek Estero are yuccas new obstacles new exercises fighter plane sent to strafe them shooting out flower white pellets that would cause a non-contact mark and it would be dead with live bullets flying over their head landmines detonated remotely around them 500 lb bombs to terrify them teach them how to keep running while terrified to dig a trench in the sand for cover while terrified to set up a radio a mortar all terrified all overseen by commanders who have been overseas manage to come back from Guadalcanal who knew what was in store for them. I needed to push harder to move faster so they can come back to

there was a hotel I'm sure the Grand Resort built right after the last war when enough people had come West to find the hills where the tents were the ranch into Fish Club oysters in Pismo clams and Abalone in the Shadow of Mordor Rock a volcanic Mound Gibraltar in miniature Drake and fog or cleaning copper or slate silver or Amethyst in the shifting Sunland new play in the ocean the new Californians and stay for a weekend or just for a drink in the balcony at sunset at the Inn in Morro Bay until the Grand Hotel was bought by the military so man could pretend it was the fort that pretend to take it by force day after day with other men just down Shore attack the dunes at Los Osos at Montana De Oro where the Chumash Miss Elaine and other native people to fish and Camp tin TUC oysters in Pismo clams and Abalone for Untold centuries we're standing on the beach or in the surf rushing from the Gate of the Lander The Cliffs Look Alot Like Normandy

how to see in back in attack in the dunes exploding sand Vines of aloe mortars and Rockets shell after shell some still there buried in the dunes Now set aside for the protection of the nest in ground of California plovers long after the man who went out to sea and back again again and again and 43 and 44 were sent off to war all out to see not all of them back again

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