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NPR News: 12-11-2020 1AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Shea Stephens US House speaker Nancy Pelosi remains hopeful that Congressional lawmakers will reach a deal on the new round of coronavirus relief, but Senate Republicans are now refusing to support a slimmed-down bipartisan package because of a provision that reduces liability protections for companies and Tiaras Windsor Johnston reports that Congress is also facing a deadline to avert a government shutdown. Their philosophy is watching the clock lawmakers have one week to reach an agreement on a spending plan to keep the government funded through next year. We have to have a bill and we cannot go home without it. You will leave the administration and the Republicans in the Senate when they say they do not want to shut down government policy and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have been discussing the possibility of attaching a roughly nine hundred billion dollar coronavirus relief measure to the spending bill. It includes an extension of week.

Unemployment benefits for out-of-work Americans and provides additional aid for small businesses lawmakers have until December 18th to reach a compromise Windsor Johnston NPR News Washington FDA advisors are recommending widespread use of Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine for people aged 16 and older. The panel is endorsing. The drug is my concerns about allergic reactions in two people who received it. The FDA is expected to follow the recommendation for final approval covid-19 continues to rage across California estate recorded almost 30,000 cases in one day on Wednesday, and it's approaching one and a half million total cases for member station. KQED. April dembosky has more the state's 14 days have positivity rate is now 9% And with the surgeon infections hospitals are running out of space. The Southern California region has less than 8% of its ICU beds available the Riverside.

Director of Public Health Kim sorrow guitar E says the real shortage is staph hospitals are scrambling to hire travel nurses and the staff just aren't out there. They're not available. Like we saw in earlier times during the pandemic. Most of the state's residents are under new stay-at-home orders to try to ease the strain on a healthcare system during the breaking point for NPR news of April demboski in Oakland more than 100 republicans in Congress and multiple GOP State Attorneys. General have signed onto a Texas lawsuit seeking to overturn election results in for Battleground state 17 states have filed a motion supporting the case while six of them have asked to join it even as legal experts predict. The effort will fail Wall Street stocks and at the day mixed Thursday, but the girl losing 69 points but has a composite index gained 66 and the S&P 500 lost for this is NPR news.

French government has decided against loosening some of its covid-19 lockdown restrictions. Next week is planned Eleanor Beardsley reports. Y'all had hit a plateau and was no longer decreasing with 14,000 infections in the last 24 hours Frances far from its goal of 5000 new infection the day by December 15th museums theaters and Cinemas will have to remain closed for an extra three weeks the decision Drew angry reactions from the culture world. The government will lift a restriction on movement. So families can travel to celebrate Christmas together currently people are not allowed to travel more than 12 miles from their homes. The relaxation of travel restrictions will be accompanied by a curfew beginning at 8 p.m. Including on New Year's Eve. That night is a particular worry for health. Officials Eleanor Beardsley NPR news Paris has its 2020 person of the year as NPR's Jen Newman.

Where's the magazine calls the decision a measuring stick for where the world is and where it is going. Of division and for sharing a vision of healing and a grieving world according to the Magazine's editor and chief wide and it's just the 11th candidate in the u.s. History to defeat a president seeking re-election. Harris will become the nation's first female vice president and the first one of color.

Jen Newman reporting on Shea Stephens. This is NPR news.
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