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NPR News: 12-11-2020 2AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Shea Stephens as the FDA considers final approval for Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine us cases of the disease and dents or hitting all-time highs NPR's Nathan brockford for stats Los Angeles County set of number of Grimm pandemic Milestones on Thursday help officials in Los Angeles County have confirmed nearly 13,000 new coronavirus cases shattering the previous Daily Record. They also reported the first death of a child from covid-19 and LA County. The news comes as hospitals are feeling of regionally and other parts of the country less than 8% of ICU beds in all of Southern California were still available as of Thursday afternoon in the San Joaquin Valley less than 2% local governments are implementing stay-at-home orders to try and slow the spread of covid-19 and they're urging people to not travel this holiday season Nathan Rob NPR news, Los Angeles.

Montana Governor Steve Bullock says, his state is preparing for initial deliveries of Pfizer's covid-19 station. Would you be delivered to 10 of Montana's major hospitals in the seven largest communities goes first in line to receive these initial doses will be Montana's healthcare workers who served tirelessly for 9 months to care for the people of this state under very trying circumstances has recorded nearly 800 coronavirus cases on Thursday alone nationally more than 15 and 1/2 million cases of the disease and more than 292000 deaths have now been confirmed from the Department of Health and Human Services is showing the level of stress on hospitals treating covid-19 patients, Texas public radio's Dominic Anthony Walsh report that dozens of intensive care units in Texas are full across the state 79

Hospital support intensive care units at or above capacity the situation is on track to get worse as more people at hospitalized and at the condition of patients in non ICU beds two climbs on a 7-Day rolling average 138. Somebody's tell HHS they have more patience with confirmed or suspected cases of covid-19 than the total number of Daft ICU beds. Some of the most severe shortages are reported by a handful of hospitals in urban centers. This creates a ripple effect 2 smaller rural hospitals as larger Medical Center's rejected transfers at higher rates more than 9,000 Texans are hospitalized with covid-19. I'm Dominic Anthony Walsh in Boerne negotiations over a new round of coronavirus for leaf continues. Although a trim down bipartisan measure is facing uncertainty Majority Leader Mitch. McConnell says Republicans won't support the package if the provision that reduces liability protection for companies remains in it. This is NPR.

Defense policy bill is being held up in the Senate after Kentucky Republican Rand Paul opposed to provision to limit the president's authority to drawdown troops in Afghanistan proses. He'll drop the subject if the boat is delayed until Monday Senators had planned to go home Friday after passing a stopgap measure to avert a government shutdown.

International diplomats in Guatemala are coming to the aid of the country is embattled anti-corruption official Juan Sandoval as Maria Martin report Sandoval has been under attack by critics of his prosecution's one Francisco. Sandoval is the head of Guatemala special Prosecutors Office against impunity send a WhatsApp agency has investigated and file charges in some of the highest-profile corruption cases in the country. It Remains the most active anti-corruption agency since we're Tomales last president ousted the UN sponsored International commission against impunity last year now once and awhile is the object of a growing number of legal actions filed by right-wing organizations leading the US and European ambassadors to what Amala to defend prosecutors have the volunteers office during this week's commemoration of the International Day against corruption for NPR news in Antigua Guatemala.

best known for his role in the Friday films died Thursday at his home in Southern California he was 62 the cause of death is unclear as manager Cindy Cowan says Lister recovered from covid-19 or earlier this year but became sick again about a week ago this is NPR
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