NPR News Now - NPR News: 12-12-2020 9PM ET

NPR News: 12-12-2020 9PM ET

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Live from NPR news on Janine Herbst as the number of confirmed coronavirus cases sourced more than 16 million deaths near 300,000 according to data from Johns Hopkins University officials. Say the country's first Pfizer by on Tech covid-19 vaccine start arriving and stays on Monday and pure Salinas him and stuff and has more the federal government has contracted with FedEx and UPS and the vials are going from Pfizer's manufacturing facilities to Central distribution centers. I've been told the first batch will start moving around noon tomorrow and general practices all states will receive shipments on Mondays initially were talking about small quantities about 6.4 million doses in the first batch and each state knows exactly how many doses they're getting in these first few weeks based on the state's population of your Salinas in and stuff and the vaccine has to be extremely cold in a second.

officials have plans to prioritize the allocation of the vaccine meanwhile. Hasn't come through from Congress yet in Texas hospitals are overflowing with covid-19 patients especially in rural areas Texas public radio's Dominic Anthony Walsh reports the Intensive Care Unit at the only level 1 Trauma Center in Northwest Texas is over capacity University Medical Center in Lubbock attached to rejected transfers from a smaller rural hospitals at higher rates than usual on necessity that weighs on sharmila dissanaike the chief of surgery that was probably one of the hardest things when and if someone is shot in a town just outside here they can bleed to death if they don't get to me but you know we're stretched to Breaking Point and restoration even further

And staff members are burning out for NPR news on Dominic Anthony Walsh in Bernie Marcus light which kicked off the primary last February Iowa Public Radio clean Masters reports February days. Thanks in part to a faulty smart phone at the autopsy lays out several reasons as to why things went wrong among them the DNC fear the app would miscalculate results on caucus night. So they demanded the app developer build a conversion tool just weeks before the caucus. So the DNC could access the wrong numbers attorney. Nick Kleinfeld was one of the authors of the audit from reporting its results. The DNC did not participate in interviews by the lawyers who prepare the audit for NPR news on Clay Masters in Des Moines.

International Committee of the Red Cross as a convoy of desperately needed medicines and relief supplies has arrived and the capital of Tigger. I this is line reports. This is the first International Aid to arrive in the region since fighting erupted there more than a month ago.

The Red Cross reports Healthcare facilities in tigray of run out of crucial supplies of drugs and basic items such as surgical gloves this in the lack of other medical supplies. It says has essentially paralyze their ability to treat the wounded and care for the sick. The agency says doctors and nurses have had to make life-and-death decisions about which patients to help after 4 weeks without new supplies running water and electricity 7 Red Cross trucks, which have arrived in tigray are carrying enough medicines and supplies to care for more than 400 trauma patients as well as items to treat chronic and routine medical conditions for NPR news on Lisa slime in Geneva.

In Barcelona 500 music fans desperate for a concert without social distancing are taking part in a test of the effectiveness of same-day coronavirus testing by volunteers will have to pass an antigen test before and during the concert and face masks and hand sanitizers are a must inside the show The 500 concertgoers and then another five hundred people in a control group will all undergo PCR test before the concert and then again 8 days after to determine if those tests can help prevent an outbreak at a large event on Jeanine Herbst end.
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