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Some friends of The Indicator join the show and share some economic indicators that give them hope for the future. | Donate to your NPR member station here.

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everyone station Cardiff here. This is indicator from Planet Money And Today Show is a little different but a lot of fun. We hope we know it was fun. But we have a different definition of funding some most than most and we think it was necessary because this year has been really tough for so many people and often are she tries to reflect how hard it's been out there because that's part of our job to Chronicle what's going on. But today we bring hope or more specifically we add some friends of the indicator Economist who we've had on the show to tell us about a trend or an economic indicator that is giving them hope for the future to give us something to look forward to when the misery of 20/20 has finally gone to bed. And ohwow did our friends of the indicator deliver. Okay. It's a super fun show.

Hang up my promise and after a quick break you our listeners are going to hear some Lively holiday music as some of our favorite guest from the past voice is familiar to you. Give us reasons to be hopeful about better days ahead.

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Okay so card, if you spoke with a bunch of friends of the indicator you got messages of hope. I am so excited to hear them. Let's get started. Let's do it.

I'm a condom is Betsey Stevenson and what gives me hope is talking to employers for at the pandemic. It's been as if their eyes have been opened to the struggle was particularly the parents but all their workers face and they try to balance their home lives with their work lives. And I've seen employers adapt to these this new information. I'm making new plans for the future about how they can do it better how they can provide a better workplace environment more flexibility for their workers. So that work Life Family balance can actually come together in a way that will make us more productive at work and a whole lot happier.

Betsy is in some awesome work on parenting and the pandemic in in the last year and she in fact has two young children with a partner. Justin wolfers was also an economist and they've been living this to yeah, and I loved the idea. There's so much hope in the idea that Society can learn something from this terrible experience that everyone's going through in and we'll take something away from it to use in the future and speaking of which Justin wolfers is up next on McComas. Justin wolfers economic indicator that really gives me hope Ulta personal one and it's the performance of my economics students this year amidst trying times and remote learning fully remote at the University of Michigan. They perform its this year has been at least as good nanny past year and possibly better.

That kills me with hope because so many students have had to struggle with remote learning so far and we Economist might worry that this skills what they learning what we called a human capital may not be as great big my students are any indication and I hope they are in at least a more mature students are doing right.

Hard and Lord knows zoom and I do not have a smooth relationship from Justin and fun fact by the way, Betsy and Justin host their own podcast together called think like an economist. Yes. They do. You should check it out. All right, and we're going to take a quick break from the holiday music because our next guest is Somalia canes to trade and globalization editor at The Economist in Somalia actually has a beautiful singing voice of Her Own. So she sent us her hopeful indicator as a song that she was really sick. I did not ask her to do this kind of asked me to do this. Okay. I did ask her to do this, but she was game is the point and has Mijo.

That includes semiconductors mobile phones and mobile phone equipment.

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the train

trip reads pretty genius amazing. And by the way, it's true when Korean exports go up that does tend to be a leading indicator that trade throughout. The rest of the world is also going to go up. So it's hopeful maybe we should go full.

musical at the indicator

You know, you actually have quite a nice singing voice terrible singing voice, but then already needs to hear me. All right back to some more holiday musical cheer and a few more. Hope bombs from our friends on Crosman and Bluebird account is the number of high-tech employers relocating outside the Bay Area the high cost of real estate in northern California has been a significant impediment to productivity growth creating more high-tech centers around the country has the potential to reverse that trend is leaving the dense cities for a little bit of fresh air and faster productivity growth not bad at all. These companies are moving from California to Idaho. I don't know if it's true because they've been saying that for a really long time but you're going to like the Wilds of Idaho and other places, you know, interesting indicator. Think about moving to, Idaho.

A little bit of Education. They're my parents would let it discourage enough. Finally the closest out one of our labor market ninjas who joins us on jobs Friday quite often and I'm a senior Economist at the center for American progress. I hope will Tren is the number of women of color in Congress this year. The number of women of color went from 48 to 51, which may not seem like a lot at first but give it a tough elections and the re-election. This is actually very hopeful that there's an increase in that number. So what it means for the country is that these women of color are going to push for policies that we haven't seen before policies that going to help close racial gender and Geographic inequality not to mention our vice president.

And I think I just saw that Starbucks appointed a woman of color to head its board.

So it's going into corporate America's off outstanding. Thanks, by the way to Betsy Justin sameach Carl and banga for sending in their contributions. And by the way Stacy before we closed manga himself also has serious musical chops. Musical skills with a z. He plays the bassoon to close this out is banga playing O Come All Ye Faithful on the bassoon as we wish our listeners a weekend full of Hope.

This episode of the indicator was expertly produced by Nick Fountain expertly fact-checked by Sean Saldana rx4 editor is Patty Hearst and the indicator is a production of NPR an expert.

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