NPR News Now - NPR News: 12-14-2020 9AM ET

NPR News: 12-14-2020 9AM ET

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Live from NPR news. I'm Korva Coleman the first doses of a covid-19 vaccine from Pfizer and buy on Tech are arriving at specific destinations across the country today. Very soon. Healthcare workers will start getting the first of Two Shots needed to prevent. The disease binita Patel is the vice president of Pharmacy services at Memorial Hermann Medical Center in Houston. She says her staff is aware that the Pfizer vaccine must be stored at temperatures colder than Antarctica really taken care of meaning from start of timing it when we literally pulled the ball out of the box. So when we close the bus early this week the Food and Drug Administration will decide whether covid-19 vaccine made by moderna can also get emergency use authorization. The vaccine news comes as the United States draws, very close to three hundred thousand deaths from covid-19.

According to Johns Hopkins University the Electoral College votes today and buy tonight, Joe Biden will be officially presidential act as NPR Tamara Keith reports the vote will formally affirm Biden's Victory last month of 538 electors are voting mostly in state capitol taking the results from November and translating them into votes in the Electoral College their chosen by State political parties. And in Most states electors are required to cast their votes to reflect the winner of the popular vote in their state. It's a Vestige of political compromise at the time of the nation's founding and typically occurs without much fanfare. But President Trump is still disputing his loss falsely claiming fraud tweeting debunked conspiracy theories and pledging to fight on president-elect. Biden is set to deliver a speech after the results are in about quote the strength and resilience of our democracy Tamara Keith NPR news.

The Kremlin is denying media reports that Russian hackers have broken into US Government computer networks as NPR's Lucy and Kim reports from Moscow the breach reportedly let the attackers read internal Treasury and commerce Department emails Russian President Vladimir Putin's spokesman denies the reports saying Russia had nothing to do with the cyberattacks and that the accusations are groundless speaking to reporters in Moscow. The spokesman recalled that in September Putin propose a treaty with the United States on cybersecurity with formal guarantees of non-intervention in the other countries elections in the past food is offered President Trump the form a Joint Task Force on cybersecurity an idea that has gone nowhere putting up the NYE the Russian government conducts cyber attacks on the US, but it said it's possible patriotic hackers have acted on their own.

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The National Weather Service says the storm is moving into the southeast today that will bring heavy rain and thunderstorms but forecasters worn a major winter storm is developing that will strike the Mid-Atlantic and northeast states by Wednesday a few to several inches of snow could fall from parts of West Virginia to Connecticut North Carolina could receive sleet snow and freezing rain, the Cleveland baseball team is going to change its moniker according to a report in the New York Times Greg Eklund has this report change it already been in the works for the team known as the Indians since 1915 before the 2019 season the team phased out its Chief Wahoo cartoon imagery on uniforms amid an increasing outcry among Native Americans in Baseball fans that outcry grew even more this year in the midst of calls to resolve social injustice has there has been no official announcement.

Cleveland but the times reports that the organization man outs its intentions this week for NPR news. I'm Greg at flip early voting starts today in Georgia for two US Senate run-off elections to Republican incumbent senators are facing two Democratic Challengers. If the Republicans win the GOP will continue to control the US Senate if the Democrats flip to seize control of the chamber on Capitol Hill will pass to the Democrats president-elect. Joe Budden will campaign for the Democrats tomorrow in Atlanta.

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