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NPR News: 12-15-2020 12AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Shea Stephens. The Electoral College is formally chosen Joe Biden as the nation's next president by giving him 306 boat or 36 more than I needed to win. Last month's election International address from Wilmington, Delaware Biden applauded election workers for Define Republican pressure to alter the results was overseen by them. It was honest it was free and it was fair.

They saw it with their own eyes and they wouldn't be bullied into saying anything different with truly remarkable because so many of these patriotic Americans are subject to so much normals political pressure verbal abuse and even threats of physical violence security was increased in some states as electric cast paper ballots Monday, Michigan shut down its capital siding credible threats of violence early voting is underway in Georgia 4-2 Senate runoff from Denver station WABE, Christopher Alton reports that final results will determine which party controls the chamber Monday was the first day of early voting in Democrats Jon ossoff and Raphael Warnock two dudes to unseat Republican. Senator, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler respectively some Metro Atlanta Counties have seen wait times of over an hour.

Despite difficulty walking Cynthia McNeil came to cast her vote in person. As soon as she could I see on pushing the button that says I'm here me and the King president-elect. Joe Biden will be in Atlanta Tuesday to campaign for the Democratic candidates for NPR News on Christopher Alston in Atlanta from the coronavirus pandemic surpassed 300,000 Monday as the nation began its vaccination campaign Frontline workers healthcare industry are receiving the first shots of Pfizer's vaccine, California, governor, Gavin Newsom. The mayor of Los Angeles looked on today as an emergency room nurse got the covid-19 19 vaccine there more from him directly to follow.

Apply after one of the first healthcare workers to receive the covid-19 vaccine at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Los Angeles. Got her shot LA County Supervisor. Hilda Solis said this in the past months have been as you know, very challenging for all of us, but help is here relief is here and the vaccine is here the first batch of vaccines for the state 30 3150 arrives as California like much of the country grapples with its worst bike yet covid-19, but it will be months before most people can get inoculated and officials are urging residents to continue to wear masks and social distance to bring down infection rates Layla Falls in NPR news, Los Angeles.

California's find Uber 59 million dollars State regulator say the ride-hailing firm is being penalized for failing to provide court-ordered information on sexual assault and harassment claim Uber says, it doesn't want to hand over full names and contact information on assault survivors without their consent. The Kremlin is denying media reports of the Russia hacked computer networks at 5 US government agencies, including the state department and the National Institutes of Health as NPR's Lucy and Kim reports the breach reportedly allow the attackers to read internal emails at the treasury and commerce Department's Russian President Vladimir Putin's spokesman denies the reports saying Russia had nothing to do with the cyber-attacks and that the accusations are groundless speaking to reporters in Moscow. The spokesman recalled that in September Putin propose a treaty with the United States on cybersecurity with formal guarantees of non-intervention in the other countries elections.

In the past putting is offered President Trump to form a Joint Task Force on cybersecurity an idea that has gone nowhere putting up the NYE the Russian government conduct cyber attacks on the US, but I said it's possible patriotic hackers have acted on their own Lucy and Kim NPR news Moscow State Department is blacklisting to a roni and officials blame for the 2007 disappearance of former FBI agent Robert Levinson around you and Mission says his government has no information on Levinson's whereabouts at least three Americans are currently being detained in Tehran. This is NPR news support.
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