NPR News Now - NPR News: 12-17-2020 12AM ET

NPR News: 12-17-2020 12AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Shea Stephens and Alaska healthcare worker has supper the nation's first reported serious allergic reaction to the covid-19 vaccine manufactured by Pfizer not hers would last a public media has the story to healthcare workers back needed Tuesday at a hospital in Juneau official say she had no history of allergic reaction to almonds symptoms developed about 10 minutes after her injection to treated and kept overnight in the hospital one of her doctors Noble Anderson says the reactions didn't change the woman's outlook on the vaccine to be excited that she got the first dose and was disappointed that she will not be getting a second dose and she encouraged all of us to press one program and they stress that allergic reactions to the Pfizer injection that have been extremely rare for NPR news. I'm not hers in Anchorage the former top federal officials responsible for election security. Just continuing up.

It's just so doubt about the outcome of the November food are corrosive to democracy more from NPR and Lucas security committee election outcome undermined democracy any institutions that support elections crabs was fired last month by President Trump after he declared the 2020 election the most secure in US history since then crabs, like other election officials has faced death threats with Krebs said is shameful you-name-it emails, whether it's phone calls what is people showing up at your house?

Did you know this is not America, I recognize and it's got to stop be cold on political leaders particularly members of his own Republican party to do more to call out and end this sort of behavior Ryan Lucas NPR News Washington Republican, Georgia senators, Keri LaFleur and David Perdue are refusing to acknowledge president-elect. Joe Biden's victory in last month's vote as WABE, Hertz reports. Both lawmakers are facing runoffs that will determine which major party controls the US Senate Senators Electoral College Victory left or address the media after early voting Wednesday. Look, they'll be a time for that if that becomes true, but, you know, the president has a right to every legal recourse and we're letting that play out right now the Democratic side president-elect Biden celebrated his Georgia Victory at a rally in Atlanta Tuesday a Nerdist voters to turn out again lefler's opponent. Raphael Warnock spoke before Biden.

Is that more than 700,000 Georgians have already cast their ballots for the January runoffs for NPR news. I never hurt in Atlanta Street stocks close mix today with the Dow Jones Industrials losing 44 points. The NASDAQ composite index game 63 US futures are higher. This is NPR news.

A bipartisan Congressional investigation finds that key players in the nation's opioid industry have spent 65 million dollars since 1997 to find nonprofits that Advocate the use of prescription painkillers the report from Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Ron Wyden a Corrigan found the contributions continued in recent years even admits and priest scrutiny of the industry during the opioid epidemic. The Senators are considering legislation to expand the federal system that tracks payments from companies to doctors to also include payments to nonprofit emergency plans remain in effect along the nation's Northeast as the Region's first major storm of the Season bring some areas to a standstill New York City emergency manager Dan Criswell spoke to reporters at a salt shed in downtown Manhattan.

The heavy part of this snow is expected now to start closer to 6 p.m. And go all the way through midnight.

Hundreds of salt spreaders and snow plows will be on New York roadways as the storm intensifies through tomorrow. May our governor. Andrew Cuomo has signed a bill that bans the sale or display of Confederate flags and other symbols of paid on State Property public knowledge is that certain technical changes will be needed to the law to ensure that it passes constitutional muster, Texas, and I'm states are suing Google the complaint accuses the online search giant of using its size to monopolize and control prices for online advertising Google cross-complaint meritless. This is NPR news.
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