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NPR News: 07-23-2020 1PM ET

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Live from NPR news. I'm Lakshmi Singh Senate Republicans are still working on their 1 trillion dollar pandemic relief measure which could be unveiled as early as today senators are still undecided about what to do about enhance unemployment benefits that are set to expire this month. We have an update from NPR Susan Davis the additional $600 a week benefits that Congress passed earlier this year is about to run out Democrats want to extend the benefit with millions of Americans still out of work Republican say the generous amount is preventing people from going back to work cuz they're making more on unemployment. The White House has indicated. They're open to negotiations treasury secretary. Steven mnuchin told reporters that Republicans are looking at some type of weed replacement but likely not as high as $600 a week. However, a Republican bill is only a starting point in negotiations with Democrats have already passed in the house is sweeping 3 trillion-dollar a package Susan Davis NPR News, Washington after

Pics of a welcome downward Trend unemployment claims are rising again Labor Department reporting the last week 1.4 million people file new claims for jobless Insurance. A federal judge is ordering the government to release Michael Cohen President Trump's former personal attorney. Turn persona. Non grata Cohen was initially released in May from federal prison to home confinement because of a coronavirus risks Transformer fixer alleges that he was taking back to prison weeks ago because of a tell-all book, he's writing about his ex but he sue the government earlier this week on grounds. His first amendment rights were violated after today police choke holds and so-called warrior style training will be ban in Minnesota Governor Tim. Walz, assigning a police accountability bill into law today to ensure that the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis Police on Memorial Day never happens to anyone else. In other news Twitter says in the past 3 months, it's user base Crew 2 186 million just a

Is advertising Revenue fell due to the economic downturn NPR's Bobby Allen report to social media company. Second quarter earnings. Come on, the heels of hackers launching a coordinated reach on the platform. The global pandemic has led to more people using Twitter its daily active users jumped 34% in the past quarter Porter said, it's ad Revenue its main source of income sank nearly a quarter from last year as advertisers pulled back on spending Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey told investors the very public and disappointing hack made last week tough for the company behind both in our protections against social engineering of our employees and restrictions on our internal tools. And for that I apologize on behalf of our company compromised in the breach. No current or former US elected official had private messages accessed Bobby Allen NPR News, San Francisco.

The White House has President Trump and Vladimir Putin of Russia chatted today about the coronavirus pandemic and arms control a spokesman says quote President Trump reiterated his hope of avoiding an expensive three-way arms race among China Russia and the United States and look forward to progress on upcoming Arms Control negotiations in Vienna. China's condemning the administration's decision to close its Consulate in Houston Texas that accuses bus of violating international law on injuring us China relations. Beijing had threatened to retaliate but hasn't said how the Trump Administration close the Chinese Consulate on grounds of suspected spying China mean while I was hoping to land a Rover on Mars in about 7 months and. Emily thinks is a spacecraft lifted off this morning from an island South of mainland China week before NASA plans to launch its next Mars mission.

10101 Mission will take seven months to reach its destination. It contains an Orbiter to revolve around the red planet and Land Rover which are expected to explore the planet from the ground up. The mission was time to come and find us on the Earth and Mars are at their closest distance in more than two years a joint effort with Russia to put a Rover on Mars failed in 2011. The US has NASA plans to launch its Mars perseverance for over a week from today, July 30th. Trying to have to clear it. Tomorrow's Mission a test of the relative strength of the US and China Space Program. NASA has landed for Rovers on Mars so far. I'm leaving NPR news. BJ. The Dow is down more than a hundred points. I'm Laxmi Singh NPR news.
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