NPR News Now - NPR News: 12-18-2020 5AM ET

NPR News: 12-18-2020 5AM ET

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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Dave Mattingly an advisory committee to the Food and Drug Administration is recommending emergency use authorization for modernist. Covid-19 vaccine NPR's Richard Harris says this follows the rollout of Pfizer's back saying earlier this week to Frontline healthcare workers in the US last week is also in favor of a closely related product produced by moderna the vaccines both use genetic material that guides the immune system to produce antibodies that protect people against the coronavirus. Both vaccines are apparently safe and highly effective Fighters vaccine started shipping out Monday, but during that has 20 million doses of its vaccine ready to go out by the end of the year if the FDA follows this recommendation some of that Supply could ship out days later. The FDA doesn't have to follow the recommendations from it advisory committees, but it usually does the FDA could act quickly to give this second vaccine a thumbs-up Richard Harris.

PR news negotiations are continuing in Congress on another coronavirus relief package Democratic and Republican lawmakers have been saying they're close to an agreement but issues remain on a proposal costing more than 900 billion dollars that package currently includes more than 300 billion dollars in a two small businesses and direct payments of $6 includes expanded unemployment benefits an extra $300 per week. The package also helps pay for distribution of vaccines Congressional negotiators are expected to work into The Weeknd president-elect. Joe Biden has announced more nominations for his incoming Administration. They include Michael Regan to be EPA administrator Rican currently works as North Carolina's environment secretary and also says, he's chosen New Mexico democratic congresswoman Deb haaland to serve as Secretary of the Interior, Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti.

To join the Biden Administration. Google is facing a third major antitrust lawsuit alleging. The company abuses its power as a monopoly NPR's Shannon bond has more when you search on Google do you get the best results or if the results that are best for Google that question is at the heart of the latest legal Challenge from a bipartisan group of 38 Attorneys General they accuse the tech giant of favoring its own products over Rivals and using unfair deals to make it search engine to default on everything from Apple iPhones to Smart speakers to Connected cars Google which is among NPR sponsors since its search results are designed to show the most useful information. It says changing that would hurt consumers and businesses. The AG's are asking for their case to be combined with the lawsuit the justice department filed against Google in October Shannon bonds NPR news.

The Department of Homeland Security cyber security division is publicly expressing increase concerned about recently disclosed hacking of some federal agencies computer systems cyber security unit of the DHS is describing. The illegal activity is posing a grave risk to the federal government in addition to State and local ones. Russia is believed to be responsible for the hacking of agencies that include treasury Commerce and the department of energy the justice department says Home Depot has agreed to pay nearly 20 $1000000 in fine for failing to Insurance contractors follow rules for handling lead paint and dust during home renovations. Will the Oppenheimer with member station WABE reports from Atlanta. He says Home Depot sell uncertified contractors to work in older homes where let this paint is more often present the agency found Home Depot subcontracted work to firms that did not used.

Safe practices contractors hired for most working homes built before 1978 must be certified and trained to work with a toxic older paint EPA officials say the settlement will deter other companies from engaging and practices that significantly increased children's exposure to lead hazards for NPR news on Lily Oppenheimer in Atlanta in early trading as investors. Wait to see if Britain and the European Union are able to reach agreements on a post brexit economy. I'm Dave Mattingly NPR news in Washington.
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