6 Minute English - Are trees intelligent?

We talk about trees and how they can communicate and help each other.

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How late is a 6 Minute English from BBC learning English on male? How did you spend your free time during the week repainting the living room doing exercise classes in the kitchen some online Research into my family history. I'm investigating my family tree, you know a drawing showing all the relationships between the different members of my family how interesting and how appropriate because trees of the subject of this program North family trees, but real living in the forest trees According to some people trees also have families that are mother trees you support and help feed child trees such as trees should be seen as intelligent they communicate with each other they help each other and as you mentioned Georgina, they can even tell the family members.

Family tree amazing. Tell me more my quiz question the largest trees in a wood or Forest are cool mother trees as they're the biggest mother trees usually have the longest nose connected Roots. So my question is this what is the world's largest currently living tree. Is it a a bear about tri-di a giant redwood tree or see Sequoia tree. I see photos of redwood trees in California and the huge so I'll say be a giant redwoods. Okay Georgian, I'm sure you heard me chose not cuz it's the easiest ones pronounce will find out the answer at the end of the program. Now, let's get back to that tree Suzanne Simard her big idea. It was the world wide web a way of describing the network of underground routes linking trees to other trees of the same family.

Well Service program the big idea that the trees would favor those ceilings that were of their own kin versus The Strangers that exclude mean when you say they say though and family members you mean they'll send more nutrients to that Offspring than they would to as it were a stranger tree seedlings Young songs that have been grown from a seed in this way parent trees help their offspring another word for that children or young mother trees can recognize and feed of the tree that they can an old-fashioned word meaning family with the extra nutrients and called when they received The Offspring can extend their own route Network and suck up even more nutrients which in turn increases their own growth turning some of them into the Giants. We see growing in California and other parts of the world.

and thinks they have intelligence and that's not listen again as Susan discusses the question of where the trees are alive with BBC World service's the big idea see if you can hear her opinion alive in the sense of having agency in their Destinies instead of being you. I think a lot of people think of trees is just sorta like these statistics the Coronas or crap and they're kind of these inert things that don't have agency in their destiny that they don't change behaviors and make decisions but what we're finding is that they do all that and you know what step back and think trees have evolved over a long long long time we longer than human beings and they evolved in communities and they have to grow and survive I think she believes trees are alive and intelligent because she says they have agency I concept meaning having the ability to act and affect your environment

Root connections showing that trees have some understanding of that Destiny everything that happens in someone's life and what will happen in the future especially going to change how I feel about going for a walk in the woods surrounded by all those intelligent trees chatting to each other. I wonder if they have family arguments. I wouldn't argue with one of those really gigantic trees such as well Georgina. You tell me you mean you'll quiz question about the largest living tree I said the largest currently living tree was be a giant Redwood a giant sequoia name is General Sherman. He lives in California is giant forest. He's a whopping 83 me to land measures a massive 33 meet around the trunk.

Huge Family Tree in Georgina. Let's recap the vocabulary with use discussing intelligent trees starting with family tree diagram showing. The relationships between family members trees are intelligent enough to communicate with that children or offspring these young songs, which have grown from seeds are also known as seedlings another word an old-fashioned way of saying family, according to tree expat Suzanne Simard trees have agency a term describing the ability to act and influence your surroundings on the front trees make all kinds of decisions about their lives suggest. They understand that Destiny everything that happens to someone during their life, including in the future, but you can find more tops or discussions on our website as well as a whole Forest of English language resources at BBC learning English. Com. Goodbye for now.

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