NPR News Now - NPR News: 07-23-2020 9PM ET

NPR News: 07-23-2020 9PM ET

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Live from NPR news. I'm Jack Speer the justice department Inspector. General has opened an investigation into use-of-force allegations in Portland, Oregon NPR's. Carrie Johnson reports the move follows request from Congress and US attorney.

jurisdiction over federal aid

The DEA ATF and US Marshals he's going to coordinate with his counterpart at Homeland Security and have a justice department responded to protesters in Portland and Lafayette Square in Washington. The review will consider the use of chemical agents and rubber bullets. The ACLU has called a special prosecutor to look into alleged civil rights violations at Lafayette Square, but far hasn't responded to that demand. Carrie Johnson NPR News, Washington NPR's Jason beaubien says new legislation in the Senate would try to block the US from pulling out of the organization.

Chris Coons, Delaware and Patrick Leahy Vermont have introduced a bill called the no who withdrawal act the bill would block any spending for us departure from the organization earlier this month President Trump notify the World Health Organization that his administration is suspending ties with the group and will formally leave the body in July of 2021. The one you notice is required under the original Congressional authorization to join. Your organization. Trump is accused of WHL bungling Global Response to covid-19 and of being controlled by China planned departure of the US has been a major blow to the global Health body in the midst of pandemic Jason beaubien NPR news police immunity from civil liability lawsuits through protesters, including law enforcement Hartford, Connecticut public radio fracking Frankie gratiana washmore.

Members of the State Police Union Leader fraud of demonstrators around the outside of the Capitol building in Hartford. They oppose a bill aimed at lifting the current protection afforded police officers from civil suits unless they've engaged and willful and wanton conduct retired Sergeant Andrew Matthews is executive director of the police Union every single cop in the state should not have to worry about being arrested and prosecuted for being financially bankrupt because they're doing a job for the employer one author of the bill says the measure would incentivize municipalities to shut officer that use excessive force for NPR news on Frankie Graziano. That's Congressional lawmakers Wrangle over details of a proposed new round of coronavirus relief for job us Americans. What else has dropped its plan to cut Social Security payroll taxes that tax that have been opposed by some top Senate Republicans on Wall Street today. The Dow is down 353 points. This is NPR.

A big retailer is declaring bankruptcy the parent company of Ann Taylor Loft and several other clothing brands is latest one ounce of financial restructuring during the corner virus pandemic NPR's Alina selyukh has more with Ann Taylor at the flagship. Ascena Retail Group runs about 2,800 stores its major tenant in malls and shopping centers. And this scale really sensitive part in the parade of apparel retailers declaring bankruptcy during the pandemic. I see Noble close a quotes significance number of stores under the Justice brand for young girls. It will shutter all plus size Catherine stores and locations of Ann Taylor Loft and Lane Bryant last year taking on struggling to cope with a collapse of demand in the pandemic Alina selyukh NPR news.

Ministration to send federal agents to that City to Quail recent violent crime in the suit filed today the group say such a surge of Agents would deter the ability to hold protests that suit name and US Attorney General William Barr long as the heads of other federal agencies and husband has done little to calm Chicago residents who fear the presence of the agents will leave the kind of violent clashes that have taken place between demonstrators and authorities in Portland, Oregon. In other areas crude oil Futures prices move lower today Benchmark crude fell $0.83 a barrel and assessment 41072 Barrel in New York. I'm Jack Speer NPR news.
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