NPR News Now - NPR News: 12-18-2020 11PM ET

NPR News: 12-18-2020 11PM ET

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I'm Jesse Thorn this week on my show Bullseye David Letterman on shame regret and can't hands. Is this the best delivery version of a pork that this week on Bullseye for and NPR?

Live from NPR news underwear ROM, the phone Drug Administration has authorized the use of the moderna covid-19 vaccine for emergency. Use NPR is Richard Harris reports. That means there are now two vaccines for covet available in the US the FDA gave the thumbs-up to the first vaccine produced by Pfizer and Beyond Tech last week. The agency repeated is rapid review this week with a very similar product produced by moderna and likewise the agency found the benefits outweigh the risks which is the standard for emergency. Use both vaccines appear to be highly effective in Studies have identified no serious side effects, but during the says it will have 20 million doses available before the end of the year. The first of those could be shipped out within days. Each person needs two doses of the same products based 3 or 4 weeks apart depending upon the vaccine these vaccines were developed at record speed though. It will still take many months for everyone who wants one to get it Richard Harris NPR news.

President Trump tonight sign to 2 day temporary government spending bill as NPR's Claudia grisales reports Congress approve the measure only a few hours before a midnight deadline for a partial government shutdown Congressional leaders have struggled to reach a deal on coronavirus relief Aid now both Chambers. Hope another short-term stopgap bill will buy enough time to pass the larger spending package that includes economic stimulus measures. The new temporary funding bill is slated to expire on Sunday. Here's House Majority Leader. Steny Hoyer in the near future. They have not reached one yet. There are still some significant issues puzzle to limit lending programs for the Federal Reserve and Treasury Department Claudia Gonzalez NPR News, Washington. The Pentagon has canceled meetings with President. Elect, Joe Biden.

Transition team saying the priority is to focus on the response to the coronavirus pandemic NPR's. Tom Bowman has more angered barden's transition team, which had some morning meeting slated for Friday were canceled by acting defense. Secretary. Chris Miller Miller said in the statement that some meetings have been rescheduled and there was a mutually agreed-upon holiday pause, but your heart is Abraham, the Executive Director of Finance transition team told reporters. There was no mutually agreed-upon holiday break no time to spare because of the delay in the start of the transition process Tom Bowman NPR news. It's likely that a Russian operatives are responsible for the cyber attacks on US federal agencies present like Joe Biden says the attacks will lead to a substantial cost to those countries responsible.

This is NPR news.

Hundreds of Nigerian school boys wear United reading with their families today a week after being kidnapped apparently by islamist militants the group Boko Haram has claimed responsibility for their kidnapping the circumstances of the release are not yet clear whether a ransom had been paid. What are the Mainstays of the West Coast Jazz scene has died two-time Grammy nominee. Jeff Clayton died yesterday of kidney cancer. He was 65 as NPR's and roll embalming reports Clayton LED popular bands with his brother. John is itions from Lena Horne to Stevie Wonder in Hamilton, Jazz Orchestra or the Clayton Brothers quintet just cleaned solo tab precision.

Even upload videos to his YouTube channel teaching other musicians how to organize and think about their solos because playing jazz music requires that we play it again. And again until we get it right. Jeff clean was in college in his native, California when he was asked to join Stevie Wonder's touring band with kicked off his long career in music in a statement his brother bass player. John Clayton said quote. I am sad, but I'm buoyed by Jeff Spirit Andrew Limbaugh on NPR news the automobile club AAA says tens of millions of people are affected to travel over the Christmas holidays this year despite warnings against that by federal health officials worried about the spread of covid-19 by the club estimate. The number of Travelers will be about 1/3 fewer than last year. I'm Nora raum NPR news.
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