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NPR News: 12-20-2020 2AM ET

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Live from NPR news on or Rob it appears Congressional negotiators may be close to an agreement to avoid a government shutdown Sunday night. They've been working on a spending Bill to continue to pay for government programs. It would also include 900 billion dollars in pandemic relief Senate Democratic leader. Chuck Schumer says, the two sides are getting very close and they may be able to load in a package Sunday earlier Saturday Senate Majority Leader Mitch. McConnell said the talks have been good, but it's time to pass a bill for sure. They're good for the Democratic leader speaker Pelosi later on karthi.

Structure of a nutrient but the American people cannot feed their families or pay their bills with Congress good faith discussion. They need us to act of resolving a dispute over Republican insistence that the package include language that Federal Reserve emergency lending programs not be renewed. The fines are vaccine is bringing some relief too many Frontline healthcare workers across the country, but it's Texas public radio's Dominic Anthony Walsh reports not all hospitals have access to hospitals with large numbers of covid-19 patients have been prioritised forgot steam distribution, but they aren't the only facility is dealing with a virus. Danny Updike is the executive director of to rule Hospital Network except smaller care centers are struggling. They've got a problem with some kobe cases with their nurses and in those places even one or two nurses that are out.

Is my behalf of their staff on a normal day but I think says they haven't received the Pfizer vaccine partially because they can't store it at the necessary Ultra cold temperatures for NPR news. I'm Dominic Anthony Walsh in Waco President, Joe Biden introduced key members of his climate team Saturday calling climate change an existential threat in a crisis. He'll take office after four years in which the Trump Administration reversed scores of environmental regulations. NPR's 1A Summers reports night and says the climate crisis demand urgent action and climate policy with play a critical role in the Biden Administration unified national response to climate change and says, he will restore environmental regulations rolled back during the Trump Administration. And at the team he has chosen will put clean energy jobs and environment.

Protection at the center of his economic plans. He's also signaled that he will prioritize environmental justice including the communities of color and low-income communities that have been disproportionately impacted by climate change and pollution want to Summers NPR news. You're listening to NPR news.

President Trump commented Saturday for the first time on the widespread cyber breach in the US government. He downplayed the seriousness of the hacking and said without evidence that it may have been China and not Russia behind. It is on Secretary of State in multiple lawmakers say it was Russia the National Hockey League and its players have reached a tentative deal to return to play as Dan Carpenter Chuck reports. Now the league is trying to determine if Canadian teams will only play in Canada. The proposed deal would include a 56 game schedule for the 2020-2021 season and will begin on January 13th. That would be no exhibition games under the agreement league divisions would be realigned to include a 17 all Canadian division. That would play only in Canada with no cross-border travel for that to work. It would need approval from Health authorities and Quebec Ontario and Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia. Discussions are still underway on that issue. But if the NHL is not allowed to play North

The Border because of Canada's Health measures. The teams would have to relocate to the US The Players Association is approved the deal. The League's Board of Governors has you have to vote for NPR news. I'm done carpet shark into the state of California is denying a request that a few hundred fans be allowed to watch the Rose Bowl in person on January 1st, because of pandemic restrictions. So organizers are moving the college football playoff semifinals to Arlington Texas the home of the Dallas Cowboys. The last time the Rose Bowl was moved from Pasadena with a 1942 after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. I'm Nora raum NPR news.
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