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NPR News: 12-21-2020 2AM ET

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Live from NPR news. I'm Nora raum a federal advisory committee for the Centers for Disease Control and prevention says that older adults and Frontline essential workers should be next in line to get into covid-19 vaccines. NPR's ping Wang reports last week healthcare workers and nursing home residents got some of the first covid-19 vaccines as vaccine Rowlett continues a CDC Advisory committee voted to put two more groups next in line those 75 years and older and essential workers who interface with the public such as teachers police officers grocery store workers and prison guards. The committee members said, it's been really hard to choose who gets vaccines when so many people can benefit the group's recommendations are for the next few months when government officials expect vaccine availability to be limited there could be enough vaccines to cover about a third of the u.s. Population through February as the pies increase scenes could become widely available to the public by next spring or summer.

Ping pong NPR news Mexico's president and president elect Joe Biden say they've pledged to work together on many issues important to both countries, especially immigration NPR's. Carrie Khan has more Mexico's president Andres Manuel Lopez obrador tweeted over the weekend that he had spoken by phone with President elect Biden and quote affirmed our commitment to work together for the good of our people and our country's in a summary of the phone conversation. The Biden campaign said the two leaders discussed a new approach to Regional migration one that will offer alternatives to undertaking the dangerous Journey to the US and address the root causes of migration Lopez obrador was one of the last leaders in the world to congratulate Biden. He only did so last week after the Electoral College confirm bite in the winter and a brief letter Lopez obrador also warned the incoming president against interference in Mexico's national Affairs Derek on NPR news, Mexico City at least

6 European Union Nations spending travel with the United Kingdom wear a new strain of the coronavirus is Raging in London and Southeastern England Joanna. Kakissis reports Elite Force will meet Monday to coordinate a response Belgium, Ireland Germany, France Italy and the Netherlands are among the EU country suspending travel to and from the UK these restrictions on air sea and rail travel will last anywhere from 24 hours to several weeks depending on the country. Some of these countries already have high daily infection rates, despite lockdown measure the Netherlands reported 13,000 new cases on Sunday a daily record World Health Organization epidemiologist. Dr. Maria van kerkhof told the BBC on Sunday that the new strain of covid-19 has been found in the Netherlands as well as Denmark friend PR news. I'm Joanna. Kakissis. This is NPR news.

President Trump signed into law is stopgap spending Bill to prevent a government shutdown at midnight Sunday. It only last 24 hours. So Congress will have to approve and the present will have to sign or legislation by midnight Monday lawmakers say they're hoping it will be a more comprehensive bill that provides money for government programs through the end of the fiscal year on September 3rd. They've also agreed on a package that includes 900 billion dollars for covid-19 Relief those the house and the Senate are expected to approve it Monday. The Rose Bowl game in Pasadena is moving venues due to covid-19 restrictions in California for member station Kera Miguel Perez reports. The annual New Year's Day college football game is headed to Texas AT&T stadium in Arlington, Texas will host the college football playoff semifinals match has been played at the Rose Bowl for decade.

Recite the growing number of covid-19 cases in Southern California. The state is also denied multiple appeals to allow guests to players to be at the game. Just meanwhile does allow Spectators the Dallas Cowboys play to a crowd of over 30,000 at AT&T Stadium on Thanksgiving, Alabama and Notre Dame or set to face off there on January 1st. It'll be a busy week for the venue the Cotton Bowl classic takes place just two days before the Rose Bowl. I Miguel Perez in Dallas will also be on January 1st between Clemson and Ohio State in New Orleans. I'm Nora raum NPR news.
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