NPR News Now - NPR News: 12-23-2020 11PM ET

NPR News: 12-23-2020 11PM ET

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Live from NPR news. I'm Bill Willman more than a million people in the US have not received their first dose of a covid-19 vaccine but those doses have been slower to reach Rural America and that's where death rate from covid-19 or slightly significantly higher than in cities will still in reports real Hospitals and Clinics face big logistical challenges when giving the Cobra doxine many don't have specialized freezers second store the Pfizer vaccine in Texas. Rural hospitals were passed over during the first week and are just now getting the moderna vaccine rocks labor laws with a national rural Health Association thing on the state. It could be the best of Worlds of the worst of world some rural hospitals already short-staffed and dealing with covid-19 have the workforce to vaccinate quickly and in States like Arizona and Iowa Hospital leaders say many employees are hesitant to get the shot for NPR news on will Stone in California. Meanwhile outbreaks of covid-19 and prisms are worse than ever stays Corrections Department.

10 covid related deaths just this week station KQED reports almost every prison in California is dealing with a outbreak with more than 800 cases each at prisons in Monterey and Los Angeles County's Corrections staff are also testing positive in record numbers topping 3000 new cases in just the last two weeks Donald Spector an attorney for inmates suing over prison health conditions does more than a hundred inmates are hospitalized and the prison population is stats to mitigate the risk for NPR news in Oakland Park Building in Baltimore his injured at least 23 people 21 people were taken to hospitals after the blast caused the building's roof to partially collapsed fire officials say at least nine of them are in critical condition.

Also temporarily trapped window washing crew until they were rescued through window President Trump has made good on his promise to veto the National Defense authorization act that decision sets up. What would be the first congressional override of his presidency? NPR's Windsor Johnston has more voted overwhelmingly to approve the more than 700 billion dollar funding bill with a veto-proof majority speaker Nancy Pelosi says the chamber will return from its holiday recess on Monday to vote on whether to override the president in a statement to Congress. Trump said the act of fails to include critical national security measures and contains Provisions that failed to respect a nation's veterans and military history S&P 500 was up one tenth of a percent at the closing bell breaking a 3-day losing streak treasury yields. Also Rose, you're listening to NPR news.

The New York Health commissioner is considering whether to allow as many as sixty seven hundred fans to attend the Buffalo Bills home playoff game next month all the time. These would be required to be tested for the coronavirus beforehand Health commissioner Howard. Zachary says, he's worried about encouraging post and pre game events that could cause covid-19 spikes on their own the NBA Houston Rockets Superstar James Harden $50,000 for violating the League's covid-19 health and safety protocols and was fined after his team's first game of the season was postponed due to a coronavirus outbreak NPR's. Tom. Goldman has more James Harden's $50,000 fine. Probably won't sting for a player whose NBA salary is a reported 41 million this season, but the message is clear. There's a price for breaking the new health and safety rules. The NBA says Harden did that when he went to a private indoor party this week Harden was one of nine Houston players deemed unavailable for the team season opener Wednesday against Oklahoma City three had positive or

Inconclusive coronavirus test results for were quarantined after contact racing one was out because of injury without enough Houston players. The league requires 8, the game was called off the NBA's first pandemic related postponement on just the second night of the new season. Tom Goldman NPR news federal authorities have a rest of the man accused of threatening to kill a member of Congress if the lawmaker trying to mess with his about Siddhartha kumarimuthu or of West Friendship, Maryland was charged in the criminal complaint that was unsealed after his arrest for 34 year old was released from custody after an initial court appearance ideal women NPR news.
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