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NPR News: 12-24-2020 10PM ET

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live from NPR news. I'm Jack Speer house Speaker Nancy Pelosi says, she'll try again Monday to approve a measure that would provide $2,000 in direct coronavirus relief payments President Trump. It seems flip the script financially putting forth the idea to NPR's Claudia grisales reports house Democrats or the ones in favor of Trumps terms.

House Democrats try to get the plan approved with a quick Voice vote on Thursday, but Republicans blocked it House Majority Leader. Steny Hoyer in Michigan Democrat. Debbie. Dingell said the GOP should agree to a single also took aim at President Trump.

Fat Cam for too many nothing is right. And for too many they are not sleeping peacefully now speaker Pelosi says she'll ask for a roll call vote on Monday to put lawmakers on the record. The Senate is not expected to take up the measure Claudia Gonzalez NPR News Washington in California. Testing centers across the state were crammed earlier this week with people washing to get a coronavirus test before the holiday. That's despite. The fact Health experts are advising Americans against traveling for traditional large family gatherings this week. Later County Public Health. Scary. Montero worries test results could give some people a false sense of security California Pastor Grim Milestone becoming the first state to record more than 2 million coronavirus cases since January some 18,000 people in the state of currently hospitalized German Chancellor, Angela.

Merkel's has her cabinet could make quick decisions on whether the back the brexit trade deal struck between the UK in the European Union has me Nicholson reports the race now begins to ratify the agreement before January 1st Johnson and Michael says hi cabinets with me talk to Christmas to discuss the post brexit trade deal negotiated Thursday between the European Union and the United Kingdom. She added that they wouldn't be starting from scratch and that the EU commission as captain of the states in the nuke throughout the negotiations deal now needs to be ratified by the UK Parliament the European Parliament on Sanitas of the eu's 27 member states. Jeremy's 4 minutes to hike a mile says Germany which holds the presidency of the EU Council will do everything it can to until the agreement comes into effect on January 1st. When the UK is set to exit the EU single moccasins Customs Union the post brexit deal ends months of disagreements over fishing rights and business regulations for NPR news. I miss me Nicholson in Berlin.

Raise the region tries to dig out from under a winter storm that shut down interstate highways and grounded flights winter storm is moving East National Weather Service has issued a wind chill advisory for parts of the Upper Midwest on Wall Street today the Dow closed up 70 points. This is NPR.

Warm temperatures in southern New England are giving way to a bitter chill today which May challenge Christmas cheer around the area some of yours Toby Smith reports high winds and power outages May mean trouble for people inside and decorations outside as if it wasn't enough that unusually high temperatures in the 50s melted dreams of a white Christmas now a cold front is threatening gusts of up to 75 miles per hour and threatening Christmas decorations, according to National Weather Service meteorologist, Christy Smith Street and end up in your neighbor's yard took kind of a kick to the gut with that holiday spirit for a lot of people heavy winds may also take down power lines leaving Holmes and Christmas tree is dark utilities of cancel Christmas days off to have enough cruise to respond to widespread power outages tovia Smith NPR News, Boston.

Receive in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic that's not expected to be an issue North American Aerospace Defense command says NORAD as always will be tracking Santa this year. That was some changes. Not every child will be able to get through to norad's call center this year because volunteer operators won't be working in large numbers due to the coronavirus pandemic NORAD has track Santa's movements around the globe 465 Christmases crude oil Futures prices end of the holiday short in trading session up slightly today oil gained $0.18 a barrel to close at 4830 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. I'm Jack Speer NPR news. This message comes from NPR sponsor Bank of America with a Bank of America Cash rewards credit card. You can choose to earn 3% cash back on online shopping. The essentials have never felt more rewarding visit more rewarding to apply now copyright 2020 Bank of America corporation.
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