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NPR News: 12-26-2020 2AM ET

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Live from NPR news. I'm deal Willman a recreational vehicle exploded on the downtown Street in Nashville early Christmas morning the blast damage the communications Hub which knocked out some police emergency system and temporarily grounded flights at the city's airport the vehicle had a recording warning of the blast which gave police time to evacuate the area three people receive relatively minor injuries Mayor John Cooper has declared a large area around the blast site is off-limits for several days. The police are going to take special care with that for the next few days and our partners at the FBI do have a large crime scene to investigate and they need to be able to do that work effectively as well so far. No one has claimed responsibility for that blast. There's no word yet from President Trump about whether he plans to veto the 900 billion dollar covid-19 relief bill passed by Congress this week. But his NPR's Tamara Keith reports if he doesn't sign it by the end of the day on Monday, there could be a government shutdown.

Don to a measure funding the entire federal government and its priorities through September President Trump in a video posted on social media earlier this week objected to the several of the spending line items and said, he wanted cash payments to struggling Americans increased from $600 a person to 2,000 but there's no clear legislative pass for that to happen since Republicans inject a larger payments. It seems very few in Congress want to revisit the painstakingly negotiated and massive Bill a person familiar with the process said the bill was physically being delivered to Florida where President Trump is spending Christmas and could sign or veto it Tamara Keith NPR news National Daily Show overdoses have continued to accelerate during the pandemic is NPR's Brian man reports overdose deaths get a new record last year and according to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention the u.s. Is on track for another.

Devastating milestone in 2020 with fatality is likely to top 80 mm in some communities overdoses of Spike more than 50% in a statement CDC director. Robert Redfield said Americans need to take care of people suffering from addiction a holiday season where people are isolated because of the coronavirus could leave those with substance-use disorders even more vulnerable to a crisis or relapse a government helpline for people and families struggling with addiction is being staffed 24 7 through the holidays. That number is 1 866 to help Brian Mann NPR news relief during the holiday for many living in the Upper Midwest of the US researchers at Johns Hopkins University say states in the northern portion of the Midwest and Great Plains have seen the drop an average daily coronavirus cases in the past 2 weeks North Dakota has seen a decrease of as much as 66%

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Pope Francis called on Nations Friday to make sure that covid-19 vaccines are available to everyone including the world's poor Francis made the request during his annual Christmas message vulnerable and needy be first in line to get their vaccines. The pope also said that the laws of markets and patents should not come before the laws of love and health of humanity Europeans are applauding the newly-released free trade agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom the post brexit deal comes after more than four years of contentious negotiations NPR's Eleanor Beardsley reports psychodrama and called British prime minister Boris Johnson and Unsinkable political machine after hard negotiations, the Europeans and Brits are now sending each other messages of solidarity European commission had arcilla Von der leyen which country

We share the same value and interest speaking of the European Union Boris Johnson said we will be your friend your ally your supporter. And you're number one market Eleanor Beardsley NPR news para the New Orleans Saints clinch their fourth straight NFC South title on Christmas day with a 5233 win over the Minnesota Vikings Alvin Kamara tide and NFL record by running for 6 touchdowns in a single game The Duke University women's basketball team is ended it season early because of the pandemic the team had postponed games against Miami North Carolina State and UNC Wilmington after two positive covid-19 test. The school men's basketball team is continue to play. I'm deal willmott NPR news. This message comes from NPR sponsor Bank of America. We're all shopping for Essentials online these days with the Bank of America Cash rewards credit card. You can choose to earn 3% cash back on online shopping Essentials. Visit Bank of more rewarding copyright twenty twenty

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