NPR News Now - NPR News: 12-28-2020 11PM ET

NPR News: 12-28-2020 11PM ET

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Live from NPR news. I'm Dale Wellman, the House of Representatives has approved a bill to send $2,000 to all eligible Americans rather than the $600 signed into law late. Yesterday is NPR's Kelsey Snell reports. It's uncertain whether Republicans in the Senate will even allow a vote on the Bell protested. The smaller checks included in the coronavirus relief package the Congress approve last week Democrats say they have supported larger payments for months pointing to legislation. They passed in the house that included more generous checks Republicans block the additional spending in negotiations the boat create an increasingly uncomfortable position for Senate Republicans who must decide if they'll ignore Trump or hold a politically divisive vote on the legislation Trump demands undercut his GOP Allied and members of his own Administration who negotiated the relief packet that already passed Kelsey Snell NPR News, Washington.

Pay rent because of the pandemic NPR hansi Lo Wang reports to new policy requires 10 into New York State income have seen their living expenses increased haven't been able to find enough work or cannot afford to move your Governor. Andrew Cuomo says the latest ban on evictions last until May 1st. We want to protect tenants. We want to make it simple. We don't want people evicted. We don't want them to have to go to court to fight the eviction, but we want to make sure they're not committing fraud either so they will make representations that will be legally enforceable some landlords and other property owners in York state or behind on mortgage payments can submit it for about their own financial hardship to protect their credit rating and lessen the risk of foreclosure on Zillow long MPR News, New York, California's governor, Gavin Newsom says hospitalizations for covid-19 cases in his State have stabilized in some areas, but he says we're Southern California and the walking Valley I see.

Units over ICU units rather have no more room for patients and that he says can have a huge effect on communities even for people not without that without covid-19.

Stock began the final week of 2020 with more games on Monday the S&P 500 climbed almost a full percent finishing the day at 3735 the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained more than 200 points to finish up seven tenths of a percent you listening to NPR news.

Assalley terrorism Court his sentence the leading women's rights activist to nearly six years in prison and Paris Jackie Northam has more but just weeks before the driving ban was lifted in the spring of 2018. She and several other female activists were arrested a flu was convicted among other things of agitating for Change and pursuing a foreign agenda. But human rights groups ate the Saudi government is trying to quash to send his little sister. Lena says A reduced sentence and time served may she may be out of prison in less than three months in Cumming National Security advisor, Jake Sullivan tweeted that has Lewis conviction was unjust and troubling and that the Biden Administration will stand up against human rights violations Jackie, Northam NPR news next year. If the airlines CEO says the 15 billion dollars in a relief to the industry that was contained in the Bill signed.

Law on Sunday furloughs and pay cuts are not needed American Airlines furloughed some 32,000 employees in October. They now say they'll bring those worker back those workers back at least temporarily the men accused of exploding a bomb on a Nashville Street on Christmas Day apparently told a neighbor that the city and the world would remember him Rick log says he spoke with suspected bomber Anthony Quinn water mailbox a few days before the bombing. He says he was speechless when authorities identify Warner is the bomber three people were injured in that blast official official say Warner died in the explosion Bill Willman NPR news.
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