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NPR News: 01-01-2021 9AM ET

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Live from NPR news. I know you're wrong. It's 2021 and I'll lie. Jhameel is among the many who hope it was better than last year. We are grieving for to come back again like before, you know,

We hope to the store one block from Times Square in New York City, which saw a very different New Year's celebration this year instead of the usual crowns to watch the ball drop at midnight. People were told to stay home and watch on television. Please closed off the area one of those outside. The barricades was Cole zieser who recently moved to New York City if their first time in New York and I can be what we wanted what major cities around the world curtailed or cancel New Year's celebration because of the pandemic dozens of residents of West Virginia or accidentally given coronavirus antibodies instead of Madonna's vaccine NPR Dave Mystics reports the West Virginia National Guard people were given doses of regeneron instead of a vaccine against the coronavirus the mix-up happened at a vaccination clinic hosted by staff from the Boone County Health Department medical experts from an interagency task force.

So they don't believe there is any risk of harm to those who got the wrong shot the guard which is coordinating. The states were allowed in vaccines says all he received the dose of The Verge in Iran have been contacted or are in the process of being contacted State Health officials say they will continue to follow up on the conditions of those who incorrectly received the antibodies and will be given priority status to get the vaccine Dave mistige NPR news police in Grafton Wisconsin arrested a pharmacist yesterday on suspicion of reckless endangerment adulterating a prescription drug and criminal damage to property they believe he deliberately removed hundreds of doses of coronavirus vaccine from Refrigeration for 2 nights making them useless. His motive is not clear.

In Oregon more than 116 million dollars in federal Disaster Assistance are allocated towards relief and Recovery efforts from The 20/20 wildfires Brian beaulieu. Remember station KLCC reports acres and 4026 residences were destroyed by Oregon fires nine people were killed and one Remains the Same but the damage isn't over while a major fire was contained shy of Leon Blodgett home in Marcola, Oregon. She fears the damage it did to the Mohawk River area. She loves him.

Part of it was burned extensively and they're trying to get all the logs out of the area and stuff, but that could definitely cause landslides or public assistance has been extended to mid-January local and tribal governments as well as through FEMA for NPR news on Brian Bowl in Eugene. This is NPR news.

North Korean leader Kim jong-un's sent New Year's greetings to his people and what he called difficult time as NPR's Anthony Kuhn reports from Soul is the first time since Kim came to power in 2011 and he delivered the message in a handwritten letter instead of a televised address Kim pledge to work hard to usher in a new era in which she wrote the ideals and desires of our people will come true can may have skip the TV speech this year because he's due to speak at a Congress of the ruling Workers Party in the coming days. He's expected to lay out a roadmap for his country's economic policies for the next 5 years and possibly hinted plans for ties with soul in Washington Kim his admitted that the last economic Five-Year Plan had failed to reach his goals as the economy was hammered by International sanctions typhoons in floods and the coronavirus the north still claims not to have a single case if covid-19 Anthony Kuhn NPR news Soul President Trump posted a New Year's Eve video on Twitter last night Folk.

Sing on his accomplishments in office noting the US produce the covid-19 vaccine and record time Trump return to the White House yesterday a day early skipping an annual New Year's Eve party at his Florida Resort. No reason for the change in schedule was given present electrobyte and made an appearance last night during the long-running a Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin Eve on ABC. He said he's absolutely positively confident the US will come back from the pandemic even stronger than before he praised healthcare workers and urged everyone to get vaccinated. I'm Nora raum NPR news.
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