The Decrypt Daily: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News Podcast - Jan 2: Weekend Update

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What's up, everybody? Welcome to the decrypt daily. My name is Matthew Aaron and I hope everybody had a great New Year's Eve. I took New Year's Day off. I went out with my brother and my girlfriend. We went to their house had a dinner there in a bubble, by the way. So be really old covid-19 are in a bubble. It was two couples play cards had dinner had drinks watch the ball drop. It was good time. So New Year's Day. I just headed home reflected on 20/20 nursing my hangover. Look at 2021. See what I want to do. I have some New Year's resolutions, and I have New Year's resolutions from other people in the group of Spades coming up in just a minute before that. We have new Bitcoin all-time highs and we need to get into those crypto prices Bitcoin is sitting at $30,614.81 up 7.8% From what I reported on New Year's Eve aetherium 75569 Litecoin 12911 chain link 1184 xrp 23.3 cents to market cap of cryptocurrency is also a record-breaking number.

At eight hundred point three billion dollars to a hundred billion dollars away from that one trillion dollar Mark. Are we can get there? Are we going to get there? Oh, by the way, that's up 6% from New Year's Eve. We have a BTC dominance of 71.2% top 10 coins Bitcoin, ethereum, tether. Xrp, like winning number 5 polka dot number 6 climbing always $9.20 for the mark at 8 billion dollars Bitcoin cash. Cardano B&B and rounding off number 10 with chain-link going into some crypto news. I don't know if you guys heard but MF Doom rapper MF Doom died on Halloween, but it was just a mouse around town of the 29th the 30th and 31st of December his wife Jasmine came in and told everybody but we don't know how he died yet. So why am I telling this on a crypto show is because he was also involved with entities and he was making his master know if you guys know MF Doom, but he has if you guys going to comic book Doom. He has the Mets.

Like him when you went out and wraps and he did it shows you would wear this mask while he was making augmented reality masks on NF teas. And he was selling them and auctioning them off. So people that use augmented reality like your Facebook app or Instagram app or even augmented reality glasses or ar glasses and where the MF Doom nft one-of-a-kind mass that he was watching which is pretty cool. They stopped auction when he died, but MF Doom was a Pioneer in many ways. Lyrically and when it came to the tech Academy scaramucci still in the news and I only did he buy a bunch of Bitcoin, but his mind is Bitcoin fund is starting January 4th, 2020. Keep an eye on how the mooch grabs everybody's money and buys Bitcoin crypto exchange could try to set to-do list Monero Z cash and dash in 2 weeks on January 15th, Friday at 2300 UTC.

No, it was like oh my goodness what's going on now? There's some conspiracy theories of why the Privacy coins are being to listed. Nobody else has done this that I heard yet just bittrex. But to be honest with you their impact for these listing these coins is not even that big their volume is Tiny compared to the market caps into their volumes in other exchanges. For example of an arrow has like a 2.4 billion dollar market cap yet the volume on bittrex Exchange is only like $600,000. So it's not going to be a big hit to these cryptocurrencies. People are wondering what the hell is going on because they're deleting his privacy so-called privacy coins and it's giving everybody a scare but but the listing off a bittrex is not going to kill the coins Marine receives donations So what had happened was I December 11th Elite Marine send $47,000 worth of Chingling to the wrong address wrecking himself. Well, that's one that you need comes in and look Marines sent him $11,000 in donations. I mean that is

The quote for people just to say look was putting some money. This guy got wrecked. I mean that's a lot of money and then they donate to him to try to make things better again hats off to the community hats off to the LINQ Marines and I'm really sorry this happened to anybody because if you see your investment start to rise you want to cash out you want to make your trades you want to you know, how do your money you don't lose money. Anyway, you look at it. But some people this is there bad for a better life. So I don't know what his status is but compressed of the week Marines for trying to make it right grayscale hits 20 billion dollars in assets under management because Rising prices helping out but they're not backing down at they are still bullish holding and taking those institutional investors and of teas hit another record the total training volume of nft token-based artwork 68.2 million dollars in December this represents an increase for more than three times compared to November 3rd our space also sell the biggest number of monthly active collectors so far.

And New Year's resolutions, let's get into those Sam Bateman freed the CEO of FTS exchange. His New Year's resolution is to attract New Year's with World being from domain game Michael O'Rourke pocket Network says continue to hide away is Bitcoin with every temptation to sell at new all-time highs have any chance of co-founder a managing partner in Excel says to keep building cheap Halloween and to keep on keep an eye on Tim Boss CEO and co-founder of sharing he says to eat and buy more vegetables listen to developers and be more selective and Matthew Aaron of the new curved daily says, well Matthew Aaron has a big 2021 plan and a big 2022 plan. The fact is Matthew Aaron's my resolution always uphold Integrity to to work harder than I've ever worked in my life and 3 to be bold aggressive and present. I hope everybody enjoyed the show. I hope everybody enjoyed New Year's Eve and I hope everybody achieved a New Year's resolution.

I'll see you tomorrow. Happy holidays everybody.
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