NPR News Now - NPR News: 01-03-2021 7AM ET

NPR News: 01-03-2021 7AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Giles Snyder a new Congress convenes today Democrats Nancy Pelosi expected to be re-elected house Speaker the Senate cannot determine its Majority Leader though until after Tuesday special elections in Georgia on Wednesday. Both houses will need to certify the Joe Biden won the presidential election some Republicans. So say they will object and now more Senate Republicans plan to join them here as in Paris Jason's locking the seven Republican Senators include Ted Cruz from Texas and Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, and they're joined by for senators-elect who also say the reject electors from States, they consider disputed their reasoning is unprecedented allegations of voter fraud, but what their Saturday statement does not offer it any evidence to back up their concerns nor does it specify the states the group of Republicans aren't supported by most Republican Senators including Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Cincinnati temp to stop the certification is like

Jason slotkin NPR news is President Pence is backing Republican lawmakers plan to objected Electoral College results. His chief of staff has shared a statement sentence. Welcome to the efforts of House and Senate members to use the authority. They have under the law to raise objections Pence's to preside over what is usually a routine Electoral College vote count to Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis is moving ahead with plans to vaccinate those 65 and older instead of reserving the shots for healthcare and Frontline workers from every station WLRN Veronica, circovia reports the decision to bypass CDC recommendations means that people like police officers teachers Supermarket employees and Transit workers will not yet get vaccinated against covid-19 hospitals and counties did not receive instructions on how to inoculate people 65 and older or whether they must be State residents. That's why I take

Diffusion across the state in some areas seniors have set up chairs to wait in line overnight for a vaccine others have tried getting appointments through phone lines and websites that crashed quickly does Santa That's consistently ignored federal guidelines during the pandemic like choosing not to enforce masks for NPR news and Veronica said I go here in Miami Houston police are searching for some fifteen victims of human trafficking including women and children assistant chief for James at Jones as police were alerted to the situation with nine men escaped from a home in the city's Westwood neighborhood. If I do a local restaurant to seek help for the others being held said, there are no suspects in custody and that police believe up to four people may be involved with holding the group you're listening to NPR news.

the death toll from the coronavirus pandemic in the US now tops 350,000 figures compiled by Johns Hopkins University till the country pass at Mark early today more than 20 million Americans have been infected in several states have reported a record number of cases over the past few days including North Carolina and Arizona some jurisdictions in Canada continue to shatter records with daily case count of the coronavirus tan carpet shark reports at Health experts say the high numbers or result of people not staying home over the holidays has recorded more than 5,800 covid-19 cases over two days, including a pandemic high of 3363 cases reported on Saturday nearly 100 deaths were also recorded Ontario's death toll is now surpassed 4600 of the cases reported Saturday nearly 1/3 were in the Toronto area de Provence remains Under full lockdown the northern region until January 9th to Southern more populous part until January 23rd, what infectious disease expert doctor

El Colinas is the new high case numbers in Ontario are disappointing and are the result of people not staying at home not social distancing and holding Gatherings over the holidays for NPR news and then carpet shock in India has formally authorized to coronavirus vaccines for emergency. Use India's drugs regulator K final approval today to ask Indian company India plans to start by vaccinating healthcare workers and and is aiming to immunize 300 billion people by August India behind only the US in terms of total number of report a coronavirus infections. This is NPR news.
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