The Decrypt Daily: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News Podcast - Jan 3: Weekend Update

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Good morning, everybody. Welcome to the show. Today is Sunday, January 3rd, 2021 Bitcoins birthday today marks the day of the Genesis block blocks hero with a block reward of 50 Bitcoin. Imagine having 50 Bitcoins. What would that be 1.5 1.6 million dollars for one block reward. If you're the first person to jump on the game to jump on the Bitcoin bandwagon, that would be amazing. If you would think that Satoshi Nakamoto. While it has about 1 million Bitcoins in it, and I just had to eat food. I see that tweets from Mike and space. He said it's Atocha coins. Don't move this year. He's clearly dead. God bless you. How many people keep saying that how might be Satoshi if those coins don't move when you got $34,000 Bitcoin the guys either Rich doesn't care. Just keep it there for safekeeping or satoshi's dead, but we stop talking about things that we don't know anything about this talk about the things that we do know about in that today's news and today's crypto prices.

When is sitting at $34,092.39 up 11.4% from yesterday when I got off the podcast yesterday I said it was $30,000 post the podcast it was already 31. So this might be already dated by the time you hear it either up or down. 86528 up 14.5% Litecoin 15325 up 18.7% chain link 1264 up 6.8% and xrp 22.7 cents down 2.5% Total market cap crypto space between 879.7 billion dollars. That's almost 10% from yesterday with a BTC dominance of 71.7% top 10 coins. We have a flipping over here like we overtook xrp at 10:20 to bail out of market cap. You just go down line number one Bitcoin ethereum tether, like going at number for xrp at number five polka dot number 6 Bitcoin cash cardano bien bien.

Chain link and also the news we have those coin doggy coin up 121% so far breaking a sent $0.01 like one point one. That's not bad for me going. How is it something? I want you guys to look at. I want you guys to look at USD sat, that's USD sat play Satoshi set. Com, we can see the dollars worth in satoshi's. So today $1 is worth 2950 satoshi's one year ago that same dollar was 13500 satoshis and 10 years ago today on the birthday of Bitcoin that $1 was worth 334.4 million Satoshi come a long way. We could go to $1 equals 2900 more or less it so she's going into the news defy quietly breaks record as investors locked up 15 billion dollars into defy bitcoin's price.

Use the surge but the defy Market is also healthy today the amount of cash locked in the industry broke 15 billion dollars to defy industry's growth has slowed since it exploded in the summer at Raider drops $105,000 on NBA crypto Collectibles for LeBron James's birthday. And if he traded pransky announces on Twitter his decision to purchase a lot of NBA license nft tokens. I didn't know the NBA was licensing and a few tokens as interesting NBA Top Shot is the black chain Pace digital trading card game that has recently been making a lot of money for investor. Imma go check it out actually.

UK's UK's crypto ATM operators have scrambled to keep up with a new regulatory demand, but will it be enough crypto? ATM business has been hit hard by the pandemic lockdown in Fayston Street Santee money laundering or AML rules introduced new AML checks on customers in 2020. That's bleeding to lower usage. I guess everybody's going to the ATM is just to get some Bitcoin, but now that you have to put in all your AML kyc stuff you like. You know what maybe maybe I just passed these I want you to check out really quick. I want to go to plan B Plan B on Twitter and check out his back to flow analysis. Also. I want you to check out his historical analysis on the Bitcoin price is interesting to read of course now, this is financial advice. I don't know if he's even actually giving Financial advice but it is interesting to start trying to look at patterns historical patterns with Bitcoin.

That's plan b or at 100 trillion USD. That's 100 trillion USD.

And finally, this is xe a blast to the Past video game brand Atari is throwing off his retro image in embracing cryptocurrency as well as watching the Atari token is released new gaming consoles the v-cs, which will form part of a crypto powered ecosystem. The brain also revealed Titans with other blacks and platforms such as engine the sandbox and the fabricant, so thank you for listening to this episode of The Daily The Weekend Update. I'll be back tomorrow with a full episode. Hopefully if you were off vacations, we could talk to some people and get some interviews on the show again. But until then, please go to Apple podcast like subscribe share and leave us a comment helps us know how we're doing. And if you want to email me Matthew Aaron at the crypto Ico. I'll see you tomorrow. Happy Halloween everybody.
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