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NPR News: 01-05-2021 8AM ET

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Live from NPR news on trial Snyder Motors in Georgia are deciding control of the US Senate today there voting in to run-off elections Democrats most win both to gain the Senate majority President Trump held a rally in Georgia last night to boost the Republican incumbents, but he spent much of his speech on his false claims about the November election.

There's no way that was a rigged election, but we still fight against Trump also singled out bites president Pence tomorrow is Long Acre certified Joe Biden see likes and victory Trump travel to Georgia after a weekend phone call in which he pressured Georgia Secretary of State over the states results November Steven Powers with Georgia public broadcasting on President Biden's efforts to get out the vote at a rally in Atlanta. Biden said to giving Democrats control of the Senate would quote make an immediate difference in people's lives once he takes office because they're election will put it in.

To the Block in Washington that $2,000 stimulus check that money, then we'll go out the door immediately tell people who are in real trouble the closing message from ausaf and Warnock is it they will work to improve Healthcare the economy and recovery from the coronavirus also faces Republican senator David Perdue challenges, Senator Kelly Loeffler polls open at 7 a.m. On Tuesday for NPR news. I'm Stephen Fowler and Atlanta had a plan protest time to coincide with the counting of electoral votes on Capitol Hill Police in Washington DC have a rest of the leader of the proud boys of far-right group Enrique. Tarrio has been charged with two weapons offenses and the burning of a black lives matter Banner removed from historic black church in DC. Wisconsin's Governor has mobilized the National Guard ahead of an announcement on the investigation into the police shooting that left Jacob Lake partially paralyzed errand Pals with member station. Wuwm.

Borders joined members of Jacob Lakes family to demand officer rest in cesky be charged. It is not yet known when the decision to charge cesky will come down. But Blake's father Jacob Lake Senior says, he wants him charged with attempted murder. He tried to kill my son and could have killed my grandchildren people having regular the Gathering for protest as they await a decision some businesses are still boarded up and some streets have been closed off out of concerns for Public Safety Wisconsin. Governor. Tony Evers has once again and mobilize the National Guard nights of unrest followed by a shooting last summer businesses and vehicles were burned into protesters were killed by an arm Steam from Illinois for NPR news on Sarah Powell and Milwaukee.

West Virginia, governor, Jim Justice is shrugging off criticism regarding a crowded New Year's Eve party at a resort. He owns they've missed it to West Virginia Public Broadcasting reports you from the party at The Greenbrier resort posted to social media shows some attendees without masks and she will appear to be maintaining social distance that's despite executive orders from Justice that mandate wearing a mask and limit social Gatherings to 25 people in virtual news briefing Justice of the Greenbrier adheres to safety protocols and said he was not involved in the daily operations of the lavish Resort. He says criticism of the event is politically motivated and that he continues to work to in the pandemic skripal in West Virginia in an effort to slow the spread of the virus Health experts have been pleading with people not to attend large-scale Gatherings the total number of cases in West Virginia has more than doubled since the Thanksgiving holiday for NPR news. I'm David message in Morgantown West Virginia overseas British prime minister Boris Johnson expected to hold a news conference in a few hours.

Britain began its third lockdown because of the coronavirus announcing the lockdown last night Johnson said a variant of the virus first identified in the UK was spreading so fast that the National Health service is at risk of being overwhelmed within the next few weeks much of Scotland. Also under a new locked out Francis Health Minister promising to accelerate the country's covid-19 vaccination process. He told Francis RTL radio that the growth and vaccinations in the coming days will be exponential and pledged to simplify. The process of government has been criticized for the slow start after only 500 people were vaccinated in the first week on trial Snyder NPR news.
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