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NPR News: 01-07-2021 9AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Jeanine Herbst hand over power on January 20th. And there's Mara liasson has more after a day of violent Pro Trump riots at the US Capitol that many in his own party say he incited Donald Trump is now committing to a quote orderly transition on January 20th. The president is not conceited and in his statement he continued to insist falsely that he won the election yesterday as he asked protesters to leave peacefully. He also sympathise with them telling them he loved them and that they were special in his statement Trump says he will continue the fight to question ballads, and he also suggested he may run again saying quote this represents the end of the greatest first term in presidential history Mara liasson NPR news.

4 people died in the Insurrection 14 officers were injured if he was rigged. Myra has more we have to recall what happened last summer during the black lives matter protest President Trump wanted a real show of force even demanded active-duty troops during these protests. He got talked out of that but there were Federal forces use or very aggressive tactics in the streets of Mayor Bowser was upset with this and she didn't want this big show of force as a result. There was to sort of limited police security present and parents Greg myre reporting cases across the US continues to soar over more than 21.3 million confirmed cases with more than 361000 death. According to Johns Hopkins University. Meanwhile Health and Human Services. Secretary, Alex Azar is a States shouldn't let federal guidelines slow down covid-19 and fear is Rob Stein has more resources.

Should try to prioritize healthcare workers and long-term care workers in residence for the first shots, but can vaccinate other groups like the elderly if that's going to slowly conditions and they should never stand in the way of getting shots in arms or ever heaven forbid wasting a dose of vaccine in a vial. It's more important to vaccinate Azar is also depending the pace of vaccination so far. The federal government has shipped more than 17 million doses two states, but only about 5 million shots have been administered Rob Stein NPR news.

The number of people filing first-time jobless claims last week was nearly the same as the week prior. The labor department has 787000 people file for first-time unemployment claims. He was Futures contracts a trading in positive territory this morning. You're listening to NPR news.

China's leadership housing commented on the pro Trump mob that broke into the Capitol Building Wednesday, but it's foreign Ministry is hitting back at the us over what it perceives as hypocrisy over how the u.s. Is describing the protest in DC versus protest in Hong Kong and here is Emily Fang has more in 2019 Hong Kong protesters broke into the Region's legislative building after hours apart of protests demanding Democratic reforms a Chinese foreign Ministry. Spokesperson said today people should reflect on why the way the authorities handled those protests were applauded by American officials. That is sung. I'm thinking about you. Let go to the Hong Kong police for leaving no fatalities during the 2019 Breakin noting that there were reports of multiple deaths at Capitol Hill Emily wedding and pure news page in India up more protests over the deregulation of farm markets today at tens of thousands of Farmers on tractors occupied a stretch of highway leading into New Delhi from Minister, Narendra Modi.

Government Hill talks with the farmers suffering concessions on the Three Laws. It passed last year to bring private investment into the country's Antiquated agriculture Market, but the farmers are demanding the laws be rescinded. They've been camped out on the freeway near New Delhi for more than a month after a virus cases in Japan officials have declared a state of emergency for Tokyo and three nearby areas. They will last for a month requiring bars and restaurants are closed early. Although the Declaration carries. No penalties shopping malls in schools will stay open movie theaters will be asked to reduce capacity on Jeanine Herbst and you're listening to NPR news.
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