6 Minute English - Why can't we resist comfort food?

Neil and Rob talk about comfort food and what actually makes us eat it.

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Hello, this is 6 Minute English from BBC learning English on nail and I'm Rob. I see you've been talking into the biscuits. Again Rob Bice on the biscuit for a quick and easy sweet treat. They make me feel good. As long as I don't eat too many. So these are your edible comforter comforter is something that makes you feel relaxed and feel good version of the way. It is your comfort food, which is what we're talking about in this program. Yes, Like Biscuits comfort food is snacks and meals we like to stuff our faces with even if it's not always good for us will be discussing what actually makes us eat the stuff. But how about a question Too Faced on rub Patrick bertoletti from the USA holds the Guinness world record for eating the most cream filled biscuits in one minute, but do you know how many biscuits he had? Was it a to be 7 or C15?

My biscuit eating Skittles, I'd say fifteen. It depends if you have to swallow them as well sure about that, but I'll reveal the onset later on now biscuits ice cream. Kristen pizzas are all good examples of comfort food the easy to snack on and they don't require many culinary skills. Coventry means related to cooking that makes sense, but there must be something else but is urging us to seek out this easy food according to psychologist to share a Gabriel. It's about memories and emotional experiences. She spoke on the food chain podcast on BBC World Service and said her comfort food with macaroni and cheese something that brings back memories.

At some point in my life. Those are foods that were made for me or shared with me by people who cared about me and loved me and took care of me. So because those are the foods that I had in my used. I've Associated them with sort of those feelings of being taken care of and those associations are strong associations we have with food are very strong. And so by eating those Foods I'm able to activate those associations and give myself a rush of positive feelings and a sense of acceptance associate eating certain types of food with pasta experiences from a youth associate means makes a connection in your mind with something and these connections between food and memories a very strong. I know you think biscuits reminds me of eating them off to school as a treat.

Well, she ra explains how we get a rush a sudden strong emotion of positive feeling when these memories are activated but using comfort food and it's not just memories for the activated but also the emotions we feel as well if he felt happy the first time we ate the food then hopefully will feel happy when we eat it again. It's not always that simple rub into food that's high in carbohydrates sugar or salt to make us feel guilty that we don't realize our minds are trying to trigger a positive emotion and it's making us eat that food to do so the food chain podcast explodes this in more detail, but what is interesting is it comfort food isn't Universal some languages don't have a comfortable phrase It's a good point and something food rice a Jenny Lind Ford talk about his her theory on why that is

Italian friends. I realize that they didn't have a phrase for comfort food. I think it's cool to be relevant might on your friend might also but they would just place it mean you know, what school is always Comfort always pleasure when it's a joyful thing.

So according to Jenny's Italian friends over food brings comfort and pleasure talking about specific comforting food is irrelevant. It's not important what has no connection with the discussion. Yes. She thinks the concept of comfort food is quite a nuanced depending on where you are from. So there are small but important differences. Well, maybe we should take comfort from feel less bad about the fact that eating any kind of food can bring us joy happiness and comfort. So if you don't mind I think I'll munch on another biscuit. Are you trying to beat the record of Patrick bertoletti from the USA record for eating the most cream filled biscuits in 1 minute. How many biscuits did he eat? Was it a to be 7 or c1515 was I right? No Rob. He's only seven and 1 minutes. Maybe you can beat him.

But before you do that's recap on some of the vocabulary. We've been discussing weeping talking about comfort food food that makes us feel good, and we described it as a comforter something that makes us feel relaxed and feel good. We also mentioned culinary connected to cooking and Associated which means made a connection in our mind with something something that is irrelevant is not important who has no connection with the discussion taking place on something that is new ones has small but important differences when you take comfort in something you don't feel so bad because it's something else well, but let's take comfort in knowing that there are lots more 6 Minute English programs to enjoy on my website at BBC learning English. Com. We also have an app that you can download for free from the App Stores, and of course, we are all over social media. Thanks for listening and goodbye. Goodbye.

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