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NPR News: 01-07-2021 11PM ET

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Live from NPR news. I'm Shay Stevens over 24 hours after the Insurrection at the US Capitol President Trump acknowledges that he's leaving office soon and a video posted tonight on Twitter Trump makes no mention of his role in the attack. Meanwhile Facebook is Banning Trump from its social media platforms for the rest of his time in office are adding a risk to further up further violence more than 90 people have been arrested in connection with the riot at the capital as NPR's Tom Dreisbach reports one suspect is charged with illegally carrying a loaded weapon there a loaded 9 millimeter handgun ammunition a bulletproof vest a gas mask Federal prosecutors allege that Christopher Michael Alberts was carrying all of those items during the pro Trump riots at the US Capitol yesterday. According to court documents Albert's told police. He brought the gun to the capital for personal protection, but it is illegal to carry a firearm on the grounds of the capital without authorization. There has been widespread criticism.

Please for failing to arrest many of the writers who stormed the Capitol building. Now. The FBI is asking the public for help in identifying additional suspects Tom Dreisbach NPR news. Capitol Police. Wednesday has been identified as 35 year old Ashley Babbitt of California as NPR's Eric Westervelt reports that it was an Air Force veteran and a trump loyalists video of the shooting shows Babbitt wrapped in a trump flag climbing through window on a barricaded interior door in the capital before an officer fires. One shot her many social media posts show bad at Embrace many of Trumps conspiracy theories and cereal falsehoods about election fraud and support for qanon. That's the far-right conspiracy theory that believes Trump is fighting a shadowy cabal of deep State pedophiles cabbage served in the Air Force for 12 years her former husband and fellow Air Force vet Timothy McGinty tells NPR Ashley quote had a personality you either loved or hated. She was apologetic about it. She was proud.

Just like she was proud of her country and quote. The officer-involved is on leave pending an investigation Eric Westervelt NPR news on Wall Street investors. Turn to optimism get more stimulus is likely wants Democrats take control in Washington and TR Scott Horsley reports all the major stock indexes close at record highs as investors. Look path. Wednesday's deadly Rampage inside the US Capitol and a head to a new Biden Administration. The president-elect will have a razor-thin majority in the Senate after Democrats clinch both run-off elections in Georgia this week that will give biting a bit more maneuvering room expectations of more federal spending on pandemic relief. Also push Doc's higher the horse the NPR News Washington 11 points the NASDAQ Store 326 in after-hours trading you was Futures remaining positive territory. This is NPR news.

Bullying is agreed to pay a two and a half billion dollar fine to settle a federal criminal charge that its employees misled Regulators about the safety of the third 737 Max jetliner. The announcement comes nearly two years after the planes were grounded worldwide because of two crashes that killed 346 people that you crashes are blamed on an automated system that Pilots could not fully control bowling says it expects to incur additional charges civil lawsuits are pending. The prime minister of France is promising to expand and fast-track coronavirus vaccination amid criticism that the process there has been too slow as NPR's Eleanor Beardsley reports. He's also warns of a worsening Copic crisis in the coming weeks casodex said the 15 million elderly and those with underlying health conditions would be the first to be vaccinated. He said keeping the most vulnerable out of the hospital will also help spare the health

And is televised addressed as text told the French the Health crisis is worsening and it is out of the question to lower our guard in the weeks to come cast text said bars restaurants and ski resorts would remain shut as will Cinemas in theaters until at least mid-February Eleanor Beardsley NPR news Paris 3000 new infections recorded today more than four thousand people in the US die from the disease in a 24-hour. According to Johns Hopkins. I'm Shay Stevens. This is NPR news support for him.
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